[Megathread] Summer PTR Feedback

Greetings Adventurers,

We are creating a thread to track feedback from the Summer Medleyfaire PTR.

You can find resources on how to leave good feedback in the How to Give High Quality Feedback post.

You can find our upcoming PTR Bug Reporting Thread here.

As a reminder, we are solely looking for feedback for the upcoming PTR, not the Live game. Your help in keeping feedback unrelated to the Summer Medleyfaire PTR out of this Megathread is much appreciated!

Thank you for helping make New World the best game it can be!

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I’ll start with the Bow.
Explosive Arrow is garbage. I appreciate the fact that you guys changed the skill, but if you want to change it, then don’t do a half job on it. Bow skills need to behave like PenShot/PoisonShot, they don’t have to lock you in place with a long animations. That’s absolutely part of what made Splinter Shot bad, and you kept it. Nonsense.
While agreeing with the nerf to PoisonShot damage, I disagree with the removal of stagger on PenShot. All you had to do to nerf the bow was going back to the old arrow hitbox (which was what most people were asking anyway), or just reducing it. That change alone would have make disappear all these new bow players people have been complaining about. Instead you nerfed PenShot to a worse state than before the buffs.
Just adjust the arrow hitbox, keep the PoisonShot nerf. Leave the rest as it is (minus Explosive Arrow of course), and be done with it.


Wanting to report that healing floating numbers are overlapping and hard to read

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Make Insatiable grav well proc when other weapons are out. GA is unless unless there is more then one and or it is an uneven fight give it a buff.


I just finished playtesting a lot of the Hatchet changes. I reported 7 bugs in the Bug Report section.

My overall feedback for the Hatchet changes is that it is much improved. I can actually imagine people working these skills into their gameplay. I still think more needs to be done to make a pure throwing build viable though:

  1. Aimed Throw and Infected Throw have identical dropoff; Rending Throw and Social Distancing have no dropoff. I think giving all of them identical dropoff would improve consistency.
  2. There should be more synergy with the Berserker tree. Perhaps Aimed Throw can count for Accumulated Power and Fortifying Strikes? Rending Throw, Social Distancing, and Infected Throw should also all count for Fortifying Strikes and the description changed to “hits” instead of “light attacks,” as its currently counting Raging Torrent and Feral Rush as well as light attacks.
  3. The new Trading Post perk filter is even more difficult to use. I recommend a simple search bar instead of listing out every perk’s description.
  4. The new split-stat system is nice. However, I feel like it’s going to be deeply upsetting to a large percentage of the player base, which has been investing hundreds if not thousands of hours into getting their current gear and builds to work; these builds all make use of single-stat items because Timeless Shards specifically incentivized us to craft single-stat. This is a fundamental change that drastically advantages split-stat weapons. After the change, anyone who playing single-stat weapon combos like GA/WH or FS/IG is going to be handicapped at a 10% attribute disadvantage. Meanwhile, people playing split-stat weapons can take Epic items and gain a huge advantage over single-stat Legendary items.

thee duo-stat bonuses are extremely ridiculous.

It feels like a desperate attempt to “reset” peoples gear needs and make them recraft new sets.
Because, yes, even primary single stat weapons can make good use of +5 per slot. A hammer could run the same exact stats as now (310/200) and also fit in 50 dex for 10 crit if they had split stats or 50 int for +10% crit.

It is just a blatant and obvious “please grind more” change.

To add to this: the fact that CON split items are excluded is equally just as stupid. Guess what? if you give like +50 free stats in another category you know I can just PUT THAT INTO CON ANYWAY right?
It’s all just very ridiculously dumb. There are now 3 different stat splits for some reason.


Will perks that are renamed be updated to the new perks on the items they’re currently on?

E.g. My hatchet has Energizing Feral Rush pre-patch, its been renamed to Crippling Feral Rush… will my old hatchet have the new perk post-patch?

No, they can’t. The minimum value that you can invest to achieve the next 50-point break is 75. This is because we currently have 515 stats divided amongst three attributes, so you need 7 split-stat pieces to reach 550. The minority stat of a split-stat setup is 10. 5 + 7*10 = 75

So GA/WH is completely locked out of this benefit. They will always be at a severe attribute disadvantage against split-stat builds. Imagine dueling someone and they can eat T5 food, but you cannot. That is how it is going to feel.


Ah yes, this is true.
This is unless X/con items get +5 as well. Then you can do 5 dex and 5 con items and still maintain 300/55/200.
Which, even then, you wouldn’t even bother with the dex as an option when 50 more con or 50 more strength is on the table.

Also haven’t quite confirmed how duo stat items scale beyond 600. Unsure if its +1 to main or +1 to both. But that doesn’t change much for GA/WH without the con items.

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Split stat is a terrible idea, please do not push it to live ever. it’s unfair advantage to rich people, kick in the groin for casual players who grinder for their (now obsolete) current gear. And an insult to any GA, WH, IG, FS, LS user.


Right. But if they do x/CON, the dynamic remains unchanged.

IMO, I don’t think they should give split stats +5. I think the problem would be mostly solved if they did the following:

  1. WH scales STR/FOC and LS scales FOC/DEX. Healing scales with weapon damage, not the invisible “healing weapon damage.”
  2. Reduce LS base crit multiplier to 1.1 and direct heals now crit (reduced by Resilient to a minimum of 1.0x)
  3. Tone down armor weight bonuses: Light +20%, Medium +10%, Heavy +0%.

I will admit it is a bit contrived, but this set of solutions honestly fixes a ton of structural problems in New World.

First, would achieve the goal of 100% split stat coverage without massively upending the meta. Every single stat combination would be viable because the problem always was FOC split stats. We also nerf pure STR WH and pure FOC LS, which are nice bonuses.

Second, we would also open up a ton of options for LS builds. Previous patches just featured AGS mindlessly nerfing LS. The problem was not that pure healers are too strong. It’s that healers have no other options. But this change means can be paired with weapons like WH, Bow, Spear, and of course, Rapier for added DPS.

Finally, it breaks the structural hold that Resilient has on the meta. There would now be an explicit advantage to not having Resilient in certain builds. LS also now has reasons for things like Vicious Beacon and Keenly perks. (VG would benefit as well, since those heals would also crit.)


I believe it is 623 to get +21/10 for these new split-stat armor pieces. I have not tried the weapons.

If Single stat builds are insulted by these changes, then they’ve missed the point of these changes in all their entirety. The damage increase is not comparable. And the attribute bonus variety are not going to draw them away from 300 point bonuses.

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Really love a lot of the things you guys have in this patch, and I really appreciate the time and effort, and quality put into it.

One thing that is really great that I love the idea of, is this item:

It raises the crafting bump to 598-600 instead of 595-600.

The cost of materials though seems aggressive for the reward, if it’s going to only be a 3 point bump, then reducing the cost for this down to 5 Rune stones, 250 azoth, and 250 shards would seem more appropiate. Making the cost this high, could make sense though if you wanted to do a 100% chance of a 600-600 ilvl craft. And I think that would actually be a great item.

Please consider changing the values on the cost of this or changing the reward on this base cost.


You’re going to have to explain how having up to 50 additional stats is not a huge advantage for split-stat builds, which already have a scaling advantage, over single-stat builds.


… No they don’t.

They scale at 90% primary, 65% secondary. Single stat weapons scale at 100%.


50 attribute points at a primary or secondary scaled dmg increase is in most standard PvP modes and match ups, an increase of about 5% extra damage. That’s roughly the maximum, it’s an agregate across all the different weapons. It’s not a significant amount by any stretch of the imagination. And in unfavorable matchups, it’s almost as low as 2%.

Where the benefit exists, is the ability to spec into trees you wouldn’t ordinarily to achieve build diversity and variety, and also a method to achieve the 150 and 200 con bonus whilst still retaining an optimal amount of damage in PvP with the current dual attribute builds.

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False, you have a misunderstanding of his this works. There is diminishing returns on attributes after a specific point. A musket user gets much more out of going 300 DEX 200 Int than a firestaff user would get out of going 500 Int. This is because you get massive diminishing returns after 200-300 points into a specific attribute.


A firestaff’s base damage at 625 GS is 187, where as a Musket is 240. Even at 500 Intel on both, the Musket still will do more damage regardless of diminishing attribute scaling.

An increase at base damage alone with the glass cannon build you suggested is only an increase of 78 with 50 extra attribute in Dex. Taking into account a standard PvP Matchup using MoorlanTV’s 1.5.3 calc, it would equate to less then an extra 137 damage for a standard shot. That’s under 5%, but the agregate for all dual attribute weapons is closer to a 5% total in standard PvP matchups. But It’s not significant in any sense. Would i rather have 137 more damage, or would I rather consumables have more potency and an extra 1k and a quarter health? That’s the trade off and there is the versatility and choice these changes are implementing.

No, no I don’t.

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The whole discussion starts from the following point:

Although S&S is a single weapon (since there is no other weapon that uses a shield), sword skill perks can only be on sword and shield skills only on shield, which limits the possibilities of builds.

I play tank, so I’ll limit my review to this build.

Let’s review the changes:

  1. Empowering Whirling Blade

The whole problem is not the perk, but the skill, which, in addition to being weak and bringing little utility (Only 5% of Rend), has problems with its animation and hitbox. Maybe increasing Rend and changing the perk to apply some debuff would be a better way.

  1. Diminishing Shield Bash

Really the perk was much better than the original, but the problem ends up being the fact that this perk can only be used on the shield, which in a war, you would hardly trade a defense perk for this one (besides, almost no one uses shield bash on my server wars, but it could become viable)

  1. Fortifying Shield Rush

I loved the increase in duration, it could be longer (10 seconds would be amazing), but we have the main problem, Fortify has a cap of 50%. Currently, the pvp tank can already reach this cap with the shield rush hitting only one target (20% Sturdy Fortification + 10% defensive training + 20% shield rush), that is, all this increase in the % of fotify, ends up being wasted. The solution would be for tanks to be able to overcome this 50% fortify limit, then this perk would be absolutely amazing!

  1. Accelerated Defiant Stance

Maybe it’s the change I liked the most, precisely because of the increase in incoming healing. But the big problem with this skill is that it has a very short duration compared to its CD, I think a proportion in which the buff duration, was half the duration of the cd, would be a great way to balance the skill.

Changes “5” and “6” are more focused on dps, so I won’t comment on them here.

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The percentage is lower. But because of diminishing returns, split-stat weapons end up scaling better in the late game.

My copy of that calculator is saying 7% damage. However, even 5% more damage is quite significant.

And yes, the ability to hit 150 CON or 200 CON while getting another 50 damage attributes is extremely powerful. For example, there is 200 STR, 200 DEX, 150 CON Hatchet. Or 250 INT, 150 FOC, 150 CON VG/IG. Or 250 INT, 100 STR, 200 CON BB/IG. The list goes on.

But the worst thing IMO about all of this is the fact that it does not solve the root problem. Four of the FOC split-stats are still USELESS.