[MEGATHREAD] [URGENT] [EXPLOIT] [GAMEBREAKING] War Desync Exploit - Heavily Abused

Enough is enough, this needs attention now.

Entire teams are inducing desync/lag to the opposite team to win wars with no way to fight back.

This needs to be corrected before more servers’ wars get exploited and the game community gets negatively affected.

I have gone through the last week of posts regarding this issue and documented below the threads.

The servers that have been affected (so far) are but not limited to;


If you have more proof of this exploit, please post it below so we can get the developer’s attention on this ASAP.

Please see the listed threads below for more of the same issue;


Its on Vingolf not Phenomenon.

Here is some proof of the lag that helped contribute to losing our war. Proof: Twitch

We lost Brightwood and Everfall due to this mess in the past 48 hours. I am gonna get called out for this, but its clearly being used as an advantage to take territory.


No need for any complicated scheme to determine how to roll back the damage done by this exploitation.

Suspend cheater accounts.
Delete cheater characters.
Disband cheater Companies.


From the reports it looks like organized deliberate intent to create lag.
If you’re on that side you’re colluding and certainly know what is happening. They need coordination for it to properly succeed.


Happens on my server as well. Discord community has 4 settlements split between 2 companies, obtained through lagging enemy team. They are building a 3rd company to get 2 more territories through the same exploit. It’s unplayable.
Server: Penglai.


Can we please get a response on this? It’s demoralizing and causing my server to just start quitting.


@Tosch @Luxendra @NW_Mugsy @HelpfulWalrus @TrevzorFTW @danazon

Please look into this and give us some sort of update on whether anything is being done.


The proper solution to this is to just fix the bug and let it be done. Cant assume who was using the exploit or not.

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Intentionally or unintentionally, this has been happening on the US-West Kokytos server as well. The Covenant took First Light a week ago, not much lag, fair fight on both sides. Syndicate since then has gotten our people falsely banned, and then we lost First Light because every single person on the defending side were rubberbanding and unable to do anything to fight back. Anyone from the defending side couldn’t even react to losing the points and then the fort.

We already have the fewest people out of the three factions. We’ve already encountered influence rising from 0-92% in the span of a couple of seconds. We’ve been readily losing territory because we can’t even do anything. This exploit/bug is making the war system impossible for us to even fairly defend against.


you can add tartarus to the list it happens in every war with the blood marines (I + II)
and in response many guilds are thinking about leaving the server as on top 6 progress companys in one faction (marodeurs) are making it hard for everyone else (they are not the dominant faction as well so they are getting influence boosts as well)

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Patchnotes just updated and nothing mentions it…

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This was used today on US Tulgey Wood. Marauders were attacking and their characters never moved, but had very clearly moved as when you would hit them it would not do anything. Would be hit by the shockwave inside of the base with all of the character models of the enemy team outside the front gates. Took the final point with 3 character models on the point vs at least 20+ on our team.

Just word of mouth but someone said in that the marauders chat was talking about it and how it worked after the war.

Todays war was the first one that was not a (nearly) a complete dominance by the defending team and its the first war that I noticed this freezing/ character model issues. The war was literally over in 4 minutes.


Today was by far the worst I’ve seen it, at this point war’s are a complete joke.


I’m “upping” this post for attention - our VODs got removed by Amazon 10 minutes after posting it to their forums. IF this happens on your server, save your evidence! Thanks for making the megathread, the amount of people effected by this is ludicrous at this point.


It is absolutly needed to fix! Tartarus lose to many caus abuses!


Here are two more:




this is a pretty bad issue for defending at all, the healers teleport and rubberband while no musket player can hit that. also my team where hitting people and doing no dmg because the player real position was somewhere else, this need a fix or people are gonna leave


@admins Could we as a community of multiple factions from multiple servers from multiple regions receive a post from AGS / Community Managers on the Ice Gauntlet issues listed in this topic and all the linked topics and newly sprouting unlinked threads? its been extremely quiet and this is killing the PVP scene on entire servers simultaneously as one faction one-sidedly starts bugabusing the other two. There is evidence a-plenty, but it remains quiet from the news front of AGS. It wasnt even mentioned in the patch notes.

I personally would like to hear about two separate things:
1: what will be done to address the exploit/bug and what is the timeline for this?
2: what will be done about those that are proven to abuse this exploit/bug?


Everyone keeps mentioning Lag and AOE but In our war last night (Scylla defending against Sentinels in Monarchs Bluff on Krocylea 10/12) we had our entire team get completely hardlocked for a full minute at 10 seconds before the war started. More than half our army got crashed to desktop and then there was another significant hardlock a few seconds after the first one ended. I personally was crashed to desktop and had trouble logging back in. By the time our players were able to get back in the other team had already taken A and C point and had their zerg on B with it half capped. For the remainder of the war there was unplayable levels of lag. People are talking about being done with the game and others are talking about having everyone respec their characters to a meta solely based on lag.

The fact that we were already crashing/lagging before the war even started means that there is more to this issue than just AOE spam.

The fact that I haven’t seen any response from the developers/moderators is extremely disturbing. I myself got this game for 2 reasons: PVP and the Economy. The economy is already broken for a multitude of reasons that will probably never be fixed and now PVP is also completely broken. Im not sure if they realize just how bad the release of their game is going right now.


We would all benefit from some sort of developer interaction here.