[MEGATHREAD] [URGENT] [EXPLOIT] [GAMEBREAKING] War Desync Exploit - Heavily Abused

I mean seriously…
All they have to do is have some guy with a fancy looking portrait and “DEVELOPER” or “I WORK FOR AGS” flag come in here and say:

“We are aware of the issue and we are working on a fix. We apologize for how this has negatively effected so many of our players”

The fact that they haven’t even bothered to type two sentences is pretty messed up. Are they just done with us now that they got their week of gaming journalist hacks vomiting articles all over the internet and can go back to daddy Bezos and say “Amazon is in the video games market now.”?

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Saw a guild abusing this bug in SA servers. Please, fix, or lock wars, this is really critical

What’s funny is that one of the posts you’ve linked is of a corp that abused it heavily to take over an entire server getting “revenge” (Greythorne on Agartha was caught cheating and tried to distance themselves by accusing everyone else), they also heavily abused the faction mechanic by creating multiple corps in different factions and make invasions unplayable for anyone not in their group by exploiting the kick mechanism.

This is also happening on US East Blefuscu. I have a vod of our most recent war where we were defending BrightWood. All they had to do was spam down ice gauntlet aoe at the same time.
Here’s the vod: https://youtu.be/lxHLAcBh2Co


First week of this game was amazing. I was so incredibly happy to have a new MMO with FUNCTIONAL SEIGE. It’s hard to do in an MMO, but seige was reasonably smooth, despite being 50v50.

Then about a week ago, basically right after the first patch, it’s unplayable. As described, groups stand still on point invulnerable because they have lagged you out and take points easily.

PLEASE FIX THIS. The first few wars were like peak PVP MMO, so I know it’s possible with this game.

I’ve said it In another post I made.
They need to limmit weapons per side.

None of this 20 or 30 life staff, ice gauntlet spam etc.

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Happened on Orun. Convenient exploited to win Everfall tonight.

Happened today on Heliopolis. Intentional or not we were not able to take back the point on defence Even though we had multiple more people on the point.

Had a lot of people saying no damage numbers were appearing when they were hitting targets on siege, several melee unable to move.

It would just seem that attackers would win to often with the lag.

Bump this is happening on Blefuscu too. One faction is abusing it. Destroying the game right now. This needs immediate attention from AGS.

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Happened on Euphrates: Covenant (with Marauders help) take a heavily defended Syndicate Monarchs Bluff.

Literally people on the team thought we were being DDOSed. They capped with ease. We went on the offensive in Brightwood. Lag was suddenly clear and they were able to push us off.

@NW_Mugsy Is there anything you can do to make sure this Ice Gauntlet abuse is prioritized? We want to push for more territory but are concerned about bug abusers. We refuse to use ice gauntlets in an abusive manner as a company. So we no longer participate in pushing for more territories just to kinda stay off the radar of the bug abusers.

The game is no longer enjoyable if everything we invest, can be easily taken by bug abusers without a fair chance at winning.

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Jep. Same issue here on Suddene. Marauders used it vs us yesterday.

+1 Annwyn

nothing happens - unplayable

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calling this an exploit is stupid. This is just really bad server performance and is no one’s “fault”. What do you expect the other team to do? quit? not use abilities? not send their players to fight? Servers just clearly cant handle the 50v50 territory wars, whether its the abilities going off, too many players in one area, whatever.

It’s odd that this takes place, one would consider it to be client side to reduce the lag. I’m sure they’ll have a fix for it soon.

How lucky this “bad server performance” happens to favour one side only and lets them win.
No, it’s obviously deliberate overtaxing of the server. That’s an exploit.

I call for whole-company disbanding and outright character deletions – in addition to suspensions.
The organizers of such coordinated exploitation should also receive permanent bans.

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

When the game first released we had a couple of wars where there was hardly any lag AT ALL. It was fair, there was a bit of screen lag due to how much was going on, but people were moving, people were dieing etc.

Now the past couple of wars have been lag central. People stood still in the point, not moving and unable to be killed.

I’m thinking you’re one of people exploiting the bug that’s being posted EVERYWHERE!!

Many people have tested it extensively… The Ice Gaunlet lag I can accept being server fault or code but the Window mode god mode is clearly an exploit and destroying the war side of the game.

Just look at this, 3k views and not a single respond from any Community Manager.

What the hell is your guys priority, halloween events or the most gamebreaking bs next to the azoth staff

edit: Ekera also part of this list, Frouge One (yeah the french toxic guild from atlas) also lagging out on purpose.

This is currently being abused on Ferri heavily now, a combination of using the ground aoe and changing their clients to windowed mode to make them invulunerable/unable to hit. It causes wars to change faction in matter of 3-8mins. This is MAJOR problem that needs hotfix.
I won’t be participating in wars until it is addressed.