Melee is not fun

Ice Gauntlet slows, void gauntlet stuns, Rapier 360 no look stuns… Ice gauntlets melting us with huge AOE storms, Void gauntlet rape circle. Void gauntlet higher melee DPE plus heals…

Melee is no fun. CAnt move, cant switch weapons… CAnt do anything but die.

Amazon need to add back in the Great axe light atatck lunge, need to stop people from getting out of Grav well using EVERY FREAKING SKILL IN THE GAMe. NEed to lower Void Gauntlet DPS ALOT if your going to keep all the leech. Need to add DR for ICE Gauntlet slows… IT is infuriating trying to close with those guys.

This is a real problem… We are losing player, not just from MEleee to VG/IG… but from the game. When its no longer fun, why play? And for the love of god what did you do to weapon switching?? It was getting better then you borked it again in the last pacth.


With the desync problems and latency issues they need to do something about the GA having lower lunge than the rest of the melee weapons. Its clear they cannot fix desync at this point they have no interest. Ice gauntlet is the best weapon in the game with Ice spike one shots and the best root in the game from ice showers 7 sec anti dodge. Not even a heavy wearer can survive 7 seconds standing still with more than one player on him


I play with VG/IG currently. All my gear is optimized for that combo, I have nice equip with all VG weapon perks and a BiS Intelligence ring. In other words, it would be A LOT better for me if they decided to keep the status quo.

However, it’s impossible to disagree with this thread. They really should buff GA back to how it was. Game is ruined for melee right now. That’s the truth, and I have to admit it, even if by doing so I am going against my current main build.


Very noble of you to not be biased, I applaud you sir. They just need to stop nerfing and take a real look at the issues and tweak slowly. We ran into issues in wars where NO ONE wanted to be melee anymore. No Great axes, no tanks, no anything melee. Its just wars with a bunch of ranged like its Call of new world


dw mage isn’t fun either, unless you’re using a vg (and icespike is obviously overtuned) but that’s it


Yea its all the damn over nerfs because of the PvE carebears

IG is broken period.


i mean it really isn’t, it’s just that everything else is nerfed into oblivion so it just seems op

You cant have ranged in the game with out slows, snares, etc. If you don’t like mele in this game then don’t play mele. Its probably not your playstyle then.


Im a Main STR build 800+hrs and i cant find a pros we are the weaker in melee and we only got melee weapons if i could switch to Dex or Int i would.

I find one is fun and intense to be on melee that why i play melee.

neither is ranged

Currently, my biggest problem with melee strength heavy armor build is being completely useless in a 1vs1 scenario. Every single medium or light armor user if I somehow managed to get close enough can dodge every single CC from war hammer cause the cast time is so long compared to any other CC in the game. Great axe lunge and blood lust has been nerfed to the ground where I am happy to land a hit from time to time. Win against ice gauntlet and the void gauntlet is basically mission impossible due to the insane amount of roots and slows, even when I get to the close range thanks to the stackable fortify on the void gauntlet and its insane damage I get shredded as a list of paper.
Even in wars, all heavy strength DPS are being wiped almost instantly by ice gauntlets. You AGS guys made a severe mistake nerfing melees to the based on unskilled ranged DPS crying babies. Now a mage in light armor with rapier can best a heavy armor DPS in close-range combat which is just weird.


Melee’ s strength in its abysmal nerfed state lies in objective control but even there its being outshined by some mages.

The problem wasn’t Gaxe to begin with. The problem was Gaxe was the only melee weapon that felt good next to other current meta weapons so its the main one you would see, also players were still getting used to pvp. Granted Gaxe has a lower ceiling cap but even back then when you seen a skilled dex player it showed in the way they could dance around you pre gaxe nerfs.
And that was a good thing. A mix between dex fluidity, and punishment for getting caught in melee range.

My advice is a revert on the nerfs, and take a new look at gaxe and give it some tweaks. You dont have to fix it in 1 patch, you will retain players if you slow the pace of your balancing.


Being in center is more a Tank role and i think is currently fine the CC gave the opportunity for the DPS to kill people and is not the role of heavy armor people to kills they role is taking aggros and CC them to give time to DPS to kill.

Im more talking about a Backline killer point of view, if a STR light/Med armor reach a range it should be no question about who wins but for now Spear/Rapier and VG got a higher dommage imput and lower CD. And they have both the option to play range too, STR are stuck with melee weapons we should be reward to succeed to reach a range.
And now if i see a firestaff user i dodge all they spell and finaly im on melee range with him he swap to VG, im the one who run and fear.


melee isn’t abysmally nerfed lmao, maybe against vg. wanna see nerfed pick up a fstaff

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I would like melee to be able to compete in melee combat. A magic weapon outshines that in every-way possible.


it really doesn’t

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Im sorry but for me Heavy armor should not win a 1v1 fight they are focus on survivability, they are in center of battle taking dommage and bring CC to they team, for me Heavy armor is more a support Tank class.
If they win 1v1 fight all player will be on heavy because they will no longer have weakness.


or perhaps it’s because they are trying to balance weapons for PVP when it’s a predominately PVE game lol…

Lol? VG can root, strip buffs, inflict a heal debuf, inflict weaken, gain up to 30% fortify from scream, another 20% fortify from blade, gain up to30% empower from empowering proximity, another 20% empower from oblivion, Inflict 15% rend. A melee weapon can not, in any shape or form, go toe to toe with vg. There are numerous amount of videos up on you tube of vg annihilating whole groups in seconds.