Melee is overtuned

As the title says, melee is very overtuned. With the introduction of great sword and the light armor nerfs, it’s almost impossible to play ranged if you’re anywhere near them.

Since arena is one of the only PvP game modes we have, the argument can’t be made anymore that ranged should stay range. This is a close quarters area. Bow and musket both have whole trees dedicated for close quarters combat and they’re a joke mostly. Mage also has most abilities that work in melee range or best at mid range.

The light armor nerfs need to be reverted, or there needs to be significant buffs to how ranged classes play in close quarters combat.


That’s uhm, the only thing that Rangeds are not suppose to do, stand near any melee.

I haven’t tested the full new PvP spectrum yet as I had some personal issues, but ranged was too forgiving to people that got used to be totally oblivious to their surroundings, specially when using rapier to fkoff when their HP started dropping.

Still tho, you are talking about Arenas, so the proximity is inevitable and maybe Arenas and OPR need a mostly needed update to catch up with the new changes, or maybe really the GS is beyond counter, I haven’t completely tested it with my builds, but for starters, having the entire game modded around the Arena minigame is too much.


if you’re using a bow don’t play close to them :thinking:


On my server whoever has 1-2bows in arena wins. The damageoutput is so ridicilous that no healer can even go against that. I literally know all bowusers who play arenas on my server. If the enemy team has one and we don’t it’s over lol


These forums I sewar. I don’t even play ranged and I find this ridiculous.

“You need to stay 100 miles from melee! You need super tiny hitboxes! You do too much damage from ranged!”

For crying out loud, make up your mind folks. If some bow manages to hit me from 100+ yards while accounting arrow drop off and me moving all over the place, he deserves to at the very least hit as hard as my GA/GS/Hammer will when I get the jump on one and slice him in two hits.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you don’t want them to play long range, then they’ll need the tools to skirmish in the mid-close territory. It’s one or the other. This is as ridiculous as the ranged folks asking for melee to have no way to gap close outside running and hoping for the best.


I can see how the ranged guys don’t like us bruisers. One of my favorite builds is SnS/GA, it’s so fun to chase them down! I can tell you though, I win very few of the one v ones with the good bow guys, or musket for that matter. I think the balance is fine. Try from the other side and see what you think before you go the nerf route eh?


I play melee too. With the light armor nerfs and the right build, they stand no chance. Especially in arena.

Melee is the most forgiving tbh

It’s almost like there’s situations where it’s inevitable; and they made it near impossible to escape. Also, if you have no freedom you’re pretty much dead vs a bruiser comp.

That’s just not true. There’s whole trees for musket and bow designed around close quarters combat.

They’re both extremely dated for the most part and now with the light armor nerfs and near everyone running great sword, they need to be buffed or the light armor roll distance nerf needs to be readdressed.

Guess who was the bow-user.
It’s every single time like this, it’s ridicilous the amount that they can pump out in a short time. You have 2 in one team with more than 2 braincells you create an instant 3v2 scenario. Just stop it

I totally agree with Nyhmfein. A bowuser should be able if he hits to hit hard from range.
But he shouldn’t melt me from 15meter away so I’m at 2k health with a tick before even moving closer.

Also agree with Pbass.
PvP gear is cheap now, go play all classes. I was a mage and crying about buffs, now I don’t think mage is really weak anymore. I played musket and bow. And musket doesn’t seem so crazy cause you really have to be good, especially in close range. But bow… you just shoot in the direction and you hit. No matter if you’re close or distant. It feels like a broken version of aimassist on console. Your arrows literally bent to the enemy lol


All weapons have at least 3 shitty skills that are there just for a filler.

If the GS is overtuned, that needs to be changed, but, like, right now. I’m lacking context vs GS so can’t say much about it.

The light armor dodges was a much needed change. With or without GS, I assume the combat is different now, which is making new (and old) STR melees calls and that’s fair, the balance needs to be reached, we can’t swing from premade meta to… another premade meta. It’s like there isn’t many options either, so you either run STR GS or DEX Bow, everyone else is just a healer or a firestaff.


I do play all classes. And I can tell you that the meta is bruiser/greatsword, it’s going to take a few weeks for people to catch on.

It’s also very easy to be a dex rat bow with the bugged hitboxes, but in an arena comp, they usually cause people to die since they don’t offer any peels or really any utility. Once they change the hit boxes you’ll barely see bows anymore as they’ll be pretty bad far ranged.

If there’s more than 1 bruiser on an enemy team, someone is going to die very fast if they’re a mage, healer, or anyone in light armor

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This is the way

That’s all I’m asking for. I don’t think bow dmg should be reduced much per se. I just want someone to actually have to aim to hit. But right now I’m looking like a 400pound viking for bowusers I guess

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You’re missing the point of the post. I’m saying these abilities shouldn’t be filler if they’re going to go this route with the meta. Those trees need buffs. You can’t nerf light armor, rapier etc at the same time releasing greatsword.

I feel like this is a situation where gamers have min/maxed the fun out of the game and then they are unhappy when things a re-balanced.

Of course if you are used to running 5 con and 400+ dex you will be an unhappy camper when that’s no longer viable, but it never should have been viable in the first place.

I hope New World gets to a place where people end up having to create a fairly balanced build that aren’t just pure dps pumpers and where they have more flexibility to deal with more situations in combat.

IMO Mages should have a few extra tools to get out of melee range and maybe they could get away with like 50 con, but in a “realistic” fantasy role a dex user should be running more like 100 Con and have some melee capability to swap over to and stay in the fight once the melee close in around them.

IMO let there be niche builds, but it should always be optimal to run a build that fits into the general fantasy tropes that MMOs/Fantasy environments are built around.

The devs are doing everything in their power to nerf ranged as much as they can. The light armor nerfs, bow nerfs, rapier nerfs, non-existent mage buffs…

if they’re going this route they need to change how these weapons play in close quarters combat because they’re in a bad spot right now.

You’re making assumptions. I play 200 con bow/spear with a skirmisher play style and it’s slowly being overshadowed by straight melee. I think there’s a place for every build but right now everything is being left in the dust if they’re not running a STR build

Idk man. Honestly I was 3weeks ago one of those who was crying about a weak mage. And why we only favor ungabunga left clicking.
But I’ve hopped into every single class, from 5con bowuser/musket, to med/light spear, to light/heavy meele weps.

And my views changed a ton since Brimstone patch allowed me to.
All I can say is that OPR would definitely be more fun overall if ranged would be limited, or adjusted in some way.
I know this isn’t a shooter game, but there’s a reason in shooters snipers are HEAVILY limited most of time. So when we get cross server opr’s maybe more balances can be made. Like just not allowing more than 10ranged weapons to be used per team at once. Or sth like 6bows max, 6muskets max. Idk myself what would be a good call here.

But the games with less ranged are usually ones were I’m laughing my ass off. While in some others I just go into base and switch to bow cause why even bother.