Melee needs this!

Hi all,

I’m a fresh lvl 60 and just started to play PvP.
It’s strange that I’ve never thought about this before while playing New World , maybe because you don’t think about it during Pve.

Melee damage WHILE moving. It should be on all the basic attacks. It just feels so awkward during PvP when you are chasing someone and then you click and stop moving.
I know you get used to it but that’s not really the point.
The combat feels less fluid with the current attacks.
Hit → stand still.

Would be cool if they added this to the game that you can use every basic light attack while moving.


this would further kill the range vs melee balance. Melee already have insane tracking right now on their weapons and lunges.

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Melee also have “snare” on-hit for 1.5s on light armored targets making it extremely broken for catching light armored players.

Get out with this bs.
Meele should be stronger than ranged. Ranged shouldn’t be as strong as it is now. It’s either play GA/WH to catch a ranged solo or hatchet so you don’t die before even moving closer. Otherwise you can’t even meele any bowuser who’s more than 2 braincells with a rapier. I already wonder why I don’t just play CoD instead of this sh1t here.
Everybody should just play bow/rapier, gg.


Atleast bows require aim, do you aim with melee? Hell no, you step beside someone, left click and the game does the tracking FOR YOU. LMAO

You want REAL skill for MELEE? Make the combat similar to Elden Ring / Dark Souls (0 tracking) pure skill-based melee combat.

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I hope this is trolling.

I’m not referring to dex users who have tons of speed buffs, I’m referring to light mages.

1.5s walk animation when hit by a melee swing and 2s walk animation after using any light/heavy or ability. And all fs/ig abilities are mid/melee range lol. It’s a joke at this point.

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What for aim? I’m not even a meele main. I just played since patch every single combination.
FS is by far not as weak as people make it out to be. Musket isn’t as crazy strong unless people hack. God even tanks are actually pretty decent if they raise the stamina on shields a bit more as they say.
But bow? You don’t have to aim, it’s worse than the best aimassist on console lol. You hit everything unless you’re disabled lol, the dmg is just way too high
Hatchet is busted with the undying

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when someone says range vs melee balance they’re not talking about bows? Where did you get the bow thing from???

We’re talking about RANGED in general, that includes mages, muskets and the bow. Not JUST the BOW

This would lead to a very floaty Combat Feeling and also a big redesign in terms of melee skills

And now we’re getting onto the deeper issues of combat.

Why AGS neutered the skill ceiling on melee yet left ranged as it is.

This melee homing, auto aiming, slow inducing and hit trading combat for melee was the direct result of AGS trying (and failing) to fill the gaps of removing the souls-like stagger and sprint mechanics; and it affected melee a lot more than ranged leading to the imbalance between the two as well as the constant shifting in meta between which one wins.

Stop trolling. Projectile radius is the Same as fs heavy Attack. It is datamined.

^You don’t see that as an issue? xD

well they are fixing the hitbox on bows in the ptr sooooo

meanwhile melee get tracking, homing lunge, now slow reduction, no slow tag.

all of this because AGS wanted to remove sprint from the game instead of balancing melee attacks w a 2nd resource meter

Feels like they should definitely look into reverting stamina regen nerfs since melees already have so much buffs it’s broken.

literally swap stagger(hit stun) w flinch(hit interrupt) and you solve majority complaint about stagger

loss of character control isn’t fun. boom interrupts let you keep moving but punish your basic attacks from going out if you don’t control the spacing around you.

otherwise melee will continue to need training wheels and band aids to be functional.

Honestly I would’ve liked to see them keep it in as it was. I think, even though it’s an mmo and would obviously draw in the tab-target crowd, people would have eventually learned, adapted and maybe even flourished on the old combat system… given that they had the chance.

Of course people will complain on systems/mechanics they’re not used too at the start, but AGS were too quick to completely 180 on it, before giving players a chance to even get used to something out of the norm for them, and it didn’t help that the game never even helped them through it with tutorials/guides.

Dark Souls has always been popular, Elden Ring even more so, and drew in a lot of people that normally would never have touched a souls game, who eventually ended up enjoying it. The same could have been for New World but AGS wanted as much money as possible and bailed out :man_shrugging:

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“I just started doing this but i think it should be this way”

Sincerely from somebody with 1900 current hours. No.

Theres a lot of changes that COULD be made. A lot of changes that SHOULD ba made. But this isnt one of them and will certainly be something ridiculous.

I have fought in tournaments in Renaissance faire for a few years. I can honestly tell you try to swing a weapon -while running- is an endeavor you dont want to attempt. The lunge on the weapons is enough for many things. Experience will tell you so.

It’s not because I just started to PvP in this game that I have never played PvP in other games.
You think because you have 1900 hours in a game that your opinion matters more ?

First of all I get, this is a game.
It does however make NO sense to not be able to swing a sword or weapon while running.
It just makes the feel of combat feel awkward and that’s the point.
Even if you can swing and move at the same time it still wouldn’t make melee better than ranged.
But it would make the combat feel a lot more fluid.

I don’t know a single mmorpg where you can’t move and swing your weapons.
Even in New World a bow player can move, aim and shoot at the same time.

Hi. Before you write this, play pvp for ranged. I’m sure you will immediately lose the desire for this request.

Hi. Before you write this, play pvp for ranged. I’m sure you will immediately lose the desire for this request.

I understand that if you play ranged you are going to refuse any suggestions that would make melee slightly better. However this thread is not about bashing another playstyle. More a request to make the combat feel more natural and fluent.

I can also add to this that it’s the same situation with weapon switching, it just doesn’t feel as fluent as in other games.

It just feel wrong and strange to hit a light attack and you get stuck in this animation that stops all movement.

Plus ranged has slows etc,… they could add more or better CC’s I don’t mind.