Melee Nerf When?

Was just wondering with the obsessive nerfing AGS has been dealing out to kiting/range classes when they are ganna bring melee weapons in line:

GS - Busted.
SnS - Insane CC good damage
Hatchet - Immortality

I mean this is a good place to start, ya know, let’s not even discuss being a competent PvP balancing game developing company and adding DR to CC’s, so some moron can’t do some SNS + Hammer chain stun combo until you’re dead.


The better you get, the more nerfed these weapons will feel.

I believe in you!



That means get good son!


No need for nerfs. Stop all these posts


Melee doesnt need nerf, light does. Melee can’t touch a good ranged player in med or heavy


Yes yes I can. Don’t believe all that #fakenews

Yeah dunno why i make this post you’re right with people like you in the game xD

@kVnM To further assist you, please view this video:


Really, in the last several months all melee were told to git gud. I think it’s okay that the pendulum is swinging the other way for a little while.

It was held as perfectly acceptable, that only the creme de la creme of melee were allowed to challenge ranged light. Everyone else just needed to get good or go home lol.

I play the same things, i don’t change. The meta changes all the time, sometimes i feel the pressure. Sometimes the nerfs fall in my favor and it gets a little easier. But all the time the forums are on fire. I just roast marshmallows :slight_smile:


i would love to see all these get good boomers play. i’m certain most of them are complete bots in pvp


Come to ygg and find out

Yes, but they’re also the only real solution until musket/rapier and bow/rapier get fixed. Too bad mage is just caught in the middle.

He probably died against them and just says they are OP

If all those pvp kids keep crying for like a year or so maybe all weapons do the same damage

But then they would just keep calling for nerfs

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If enough of these LCD players keep crying wolf, AGS will just make a “You win New World” button that they can use their parents credit cards to pay for and then spam it to their heart’s content!


I may or may not start spreading this all over the forums from here on out. lmao

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how about bow/musket and bloonder bus nerf, bb can 2 shot tank in bis gear

GS will be nered for sure. Other weapons are not issue. But mele slow is an issue if you play light armor. But its the mechanic that is a problem, not weapons.

But agree that hatchet immortalisty combined with pocket healer is super strong.

No nerfs needed, 90% of them hit hard because they play glass cannon assasin builds. Thats all.

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Come Nysa or Jupiter we can play together - just get good.