Melee Nerf When?

Nope melee is pretty dominant in OPR’s, Melee and Wars.

Nothing should ALWAYS kill something else. That’s the problem with this game and balance (and player perception). If it’s just a rock/paper/scissors between builds then what’s the point?

SnS needs nerf… LOL :rofl:


I agree that GS is overtuned - mostly because it has every kind of debuff in the game, tons of grit, high damage, and defensive options. It basically has a bit of everything. The playstyle of the weapon actually feels enjoyable though which is how every weapon should feel (just a bit toned down). GA is extremely stale by comparison and exists entirely for grav well / maelstrom. GS is a better, more fun version of GA as a 2H melee weapon.

Otherwise, melee feels pretty balanced. SnS is already nerfed and it really doesn’t need more nerfs. Hatchet defy death is annoying but you can use a skill that removes buffs to immediately remove it and kill any player trying to use it. Also you don’t see too many people running light hatchets in wars, just OPR.

From a general balance perspective melee needs to be high risk, high reward. Musket and bow players can already pump out huge damage from safe distances. The element of risk means that if melee successfully get on a ranged, the ranged shouldn’t automatically win the trade because of better mobility.

People also complain about auto attack tracking but auto attacks also lock you in an animation. It’s not like other action games where you can freely move while swinging. That would be an entirely different story. There needs to be some amount of tracking, or animation locks need to be removed, otherwise any non-cc’d player will just walk out of any melee auto attack.


no talent. leveled a GS up. squishys have no chance, the game doesn’t give them one. needs a nerf

Let’s buff the other weapons that aren’t so hot right now.

  • Fire staff needs love, reheat “mastery ultimate” is replaced by a brilliance perk or drinking a mana pot?
  • VG decay tree is not so good (Oh no tether!?! Lol)
  • IG plagued with bugs entomb breaking, ice storm your toes
  • Hatchet raging torrent is a wet noodle ability doing a penguin walk
  • Spear’s Skewer hits the air more than players

I could go on…

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if youre a NPC and cant dodge out of grav or block POD then ye


He’s trying to indicate that buffing the underperforming weapons and a light nerf to GS and other overturned weapons is the correct way to balance.

If players general consensus is that X, Y, Z weapons are weak, then they should be strengthened. If A, B, C weapons are too strong, a light toning down is better. All weapons should have the smooth combat flow that GS currently has, so that they are equally enjoyable.

Nerfing something into the ground is never the correct way to balance.

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Someone understands the deeper meaning to balance instead of this ‘nerf everything’ mentality “gamers” are spewing

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I appreciate you noticing! It helps that I’m a bit older than the average age of the “boys crying nerf” and that I have worked in customer service roles for 20+ years.

Who said anything about nerfing stuff to the ground, SnS stuns are too long and instant cast. Immortality shouldn’t be a thing.

GS Auto lunge and damage is overtuned.

Or instead you want to magically buff all the other weapons somehow to compensate for this?

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If you understood what I wrote, then you wouldn’t have posted your reply the way you did. Since you didn’t, allow me to elucidate you.

This calls for a light nerf to the cast time of the SnS stun. The duration is fine, use the Freedom perk if you don’t like the duration.

I already addressed this in my post which you failed to comprehend.

Again, you didn’t comprehend, so this reply is nonsensical.


I think the problem is most of these threads are saying “nerf” in regards to mechanics that aren’t necessarily overpowered, but just frustrating to play against. And I think NW’s problem compared to other games is it has a lot of annoying mechanics.

For example, most people would agree musket isn’t overpowered, but getting pelted by a squad of them from 100m away is still frustrating to play against.

Pylon isn’t OP, but with how it messes up tracking and projectiles, going against three of them in arena is… yeah.

SnS isn’t OP, but shield bash negating freedom and constant stagger/slow combo is pretty annoying. Same thing with javelin, or really any knockdown CC combo since the counterplay is “dodge everything perfectly or get blown up.”

And I’m saying this as a serial sundering jav → shrapnel blast user. I don’t think a 25k+ one shot combo is OP given how absurdly strong healers are, but it’s probably not very fun for the people on the receiving end.

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You said a light nerf GS, I went more specific which you failed to comprehend.

Please enlighten us on how balancing/improving every other weapon to “feel as smooth” as GS is easier than just turning the GS.

SnS has like a 5 second instant stun ability? lol

I’m light ranged freedom is uselss, if Im caught in CC theres a high chance im dead. Also there is no DR on CC so again, freedom for range isn’t ideal.

Ranged light has never dominated melee, that is complete bullshit. Mage has been terrible for 8-9 months straight. The state of the game currently is complete dogshit.

SnS, GS, And Hatchets is OP when fighting mages. The amount of oppression those weapons can do to even god tier mages is a joke. There is nothing you can do to a player who has half a brain. The game was balanced before the change, now mages have absolutely zero chance of surviving if skill level is equal.

Who gets the jump? Melee or mage?

This is extreme to the point of silly.

Bro, I’m not a game dev. If you want me to explicitly list every change I think should be made, I’m not going to unless AGS is paying me to. Use your common sense and figure it out. I previously mentioned that GS lunge needs the same treatment GA lunge got.

If you’re getting stunned for 5s with freedom, you’re doing something wrong, as I never have that problem in light armor, whether as a STR, DEX or INT build. You dodge the Leaping Strike based on the sound of attack activation. This positions you away from the instant stun after. Simple stuff.