Melee still no fun

I really wanted to like this patch. It sounded great on paper… maybe it would have been if not for the buffs to mage and ranged…

It literally feels like call of duty out there… I got hammered by life staffs, fire staffs, and miskets non stop on my way in to melee and on my way out… most of the times I die just as I get into melee…

my lasting images

  1. running away from a group of mages with green and red balls flying over my shoulder and colored steaks from muskets plinking me with head shots. Dead
  2. Running into a group of two mages, they pulled out rapier and vg and stunned and killed me.

This game sucks.

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Yea I was telling some company mates that if I wanted to play an FPS game, I would just go play one.

Melee is in a horrible spot because our chase mechanics don’t scale well against light armor dodges and the lack of balance on Scream/Riposte.

It sucked but out of the 10 OPRs I played yesterday, I just started fighting with the zerg or when I had a full group, fighting around my VG player. Trying to lock down a kill solo as a melee against anything ranged w/rapier is an absolute nightmare. I’ve just started to watch people’s CDs and when I see them used up, then I swap to that target and hope they don’t regenerate stamina quick enough to get out of my CC chain.

Sadly there are people on these forums that think Melee is fine or even still “OP”. It’s quite obvious they barely play in WARs or play above average skill levels.

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Rofl. “The situation was so dire I had to start actually playing correctly: with my strengths, around enemy cooldowns, all while covering for my weaknesses. It was a nightmare.”

Unironically your post is like a light musketeer complaining that they were getting so blasted trying to spam light attacks in the melee deathball that they had to debase themselves so far as to kite and maintain range and only use their rapier in specific situations while relying on their musket the rest of the time. Like, you are literally describing the playstyle you are supposed to be engaging in after describing a situation where you are rightfully weak, but implying that somehow both are problematic.

The other issue is the change to movement made the desync worse… it is very hard now to actually hit anyone with light attacks or even skills like maelstrom… the stick after a dodge seems to give you a half second where people could be hit… now it is very difficult to hit anything…
Saw a video of a ga doing a maelstrom and two guys were in the graphic on his screen but neither took damage as they ran through it… it just feels bad…

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