Melee weapons have dash

why all melee weapons have dash and rapier does not have it, even greate ax dashing for 5m, I cut the air with a rapier 90% of the time because it is impossible to notice whether you are hitting the opponent or not yet and using the basic I slow myself down, the only option is to get as close as possible opponent and switch to a second weapon, if someone does not want to fight with us, he will escape without any problems if i try get him with rapier and look on Great Axe even if you have rolls its almost impossible to run from that buggy thing. No wonder that the rapier has started to be used mainly by support, I am waiting for a patch, maybe it will save this game, but the decisions and the lack of any significant changes in the meta mean that I do not want to turn on this game anymore. I stop playing pvp for last 7 days becouse its all time 80% ga with heavy armors 15% healers and rest are some bows or mages. I belive they never tested how it its when u have fight agnist 2 users of GA/WH its impossible to fight with them u die in stun if wearing light armor i was sure the rapier is about begin best duelist etc but true is GA is best in all thing, chase, full tank and be fast as light armor, biggest dps and when Greate Axe user come from behind mostly he just 1shot me xD PVP was fun b4 all wear voidbent and GA/WH/LS, look on
current wars really, noone see a problem if in next patch nothing will change, officaly 400h of playing will be in bin xD

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If you cant beat GAWH with rapier, its your lack of skill…
Rapier is in a great condition atm…

And Fleche is more useful than this kind of dash you are asking for…

lol i write agnist 2 ga/wh users no 1v1 and i write about situations when u can’t see ga user he just 1shot u mostly. 1v1 is other thing but did u see any arena where u can fight 1v1 2v2 3v3, no i saying about outpost rush and wars only that thing are for pvp or not?

you can group duel

It’s not realy beating them it more killing anyone who decide yeah ima run now and spam pots you can’t realy hit anyone outside of fletch with a rapier if they no longer want to fight cause all your attacks slow you.

That is why Rapier need a skill and big practise.

After playing over 500 hours with rapier always, I can not agree with Your post.

And if You can not catch someone with a rapier, then You’re bad, my friend.

Or You wearing shitty heavy arm with that rapier, then maybe I could understand that You can not catch everybody. Otherway, just improve Your skills guys, and stop trying to make all weapons super easy to use.

I did not come to play a game for 5 years old kids. I came to play a game, where except skills You use or build You have, You have to just practise movement and strategy in pvp…

but u saying about getting close to opponent and switching to other weapon i saying about passives like GA has, rapier lack of it, ofc if u switch to second weapon your opponent mostly can’t ignore you but u can’t catch nonoe with single rapier try it, and u should know it, if u really played 500h on rapier xD last time game was so bugged it was showing me my secondary weapon on use but use main weapons skills and i start to use only rapier so i start puryfing air xD

I understand what Your problem is, but it would be just too OP. Trust me. Rapier is very good dmg dealer weapon, but need a big practise to use.

I am taking rapier, light armor, and any, literally, anything as second weapon , just to use weapon swaps, and I will catch everybody.
Trust me, when I say that I am the fastest mf on my server. I can even catch mages with their fire shit. Only rolls + rapier skills.
Fighting against Great axe user is supper annoying, but I can run out from him, even from berserker. It tooke me HOURS to practise my movement.

if You wear medium or heavy armor, then You can not do it.

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man u still saying about 1v1 not outpostrush etc xD 1v1 its good

Thats right, but “because of that” you have 2 weapons… ^^

Not every weapon needs to be perfect for any stituation…

My record is to run out from 22 poeple in open world.
3 times during one hour. You should see how pissed off they were :wink:

Rapier + light armor + very good movement and know what to do and when to do that, makes You ability to escape from anyone.

talking from experience

p.s. but still GA n eed a nerf by the way ;d

and last week was so good 2 when 80% players running with ga and voidbent? xd
and u saying something about rapier begin op when GA already using 80% of players xD i dont understood that

my all friends switch to GA and saying how amazing it its weapon comare to rapier xD thats telling me all

They are using it cause they are brainless. I chose rapier and light armor since begining and did not change.
This is meta build for no-hand guys. It is like easy mode of that game.

My rapier and lights are like hardcore version of the game.

And I never said that is okay, but if someone want to play like a no-hand, then ok. I am taking rapier and destroying them.

hahah about hardcore mode i was lvl 60 and could do quest on reekwater xD where 52 lvl ga user with heavy eq comes to spot and solos 3 mosters easly where one kill me mostly xD but that was 2 moths ago xD

Like I said, this is totally brainless build, which forgive many mistakes on the field.

My build doesn’t forgive any single mistake. One mistake and I am done, but this is why I love it :wink: Cause it is challenging

You have to answer yourself a question, if You want to play like a noob, or like a pro. :slight_smile: You know my choice

True but my cpu lack of fps in forts and i dont want be forced to wear heavy and turn on leftclick mode xD

Bro, I know that feeling :stuck_out_tongue: I am playing on potato, my decent fps are 30-40, on wars sometimes lower, I play all the time the lowest possible graphics options :smiley:
But still can do with a rapier what I said :smiley:

ye thats true u can have fun begin Anbu in enemy team i could have fun till it changes xD on my server wars turned to 40 players heavy eq ga 2-5 ranged and rest are healers :smiley: if on your server is other meta than u can still have fun xD my last outpost rush was like 15 heavy armors 3-4 healrs and 1 bow or musket in enemy i just dont see any fun more xD now u dealing 2 ga everytime, other weapons 2v1 i can kill one or more and run with 2 ga’s i just get stun and die. if i want open fight em xD

I don’t agree that the rapier doesn’t have a lunge problem. She has a huge one that requires playing with Evade to compensate. Which is a real design problem. So yes the rapier is ok but only with Evade.