Melee's typical "feedback" backstory in one vid


haha fking A, the immediate post got me.

That’s some serious Legolas stunt elf shenanigans right there

They must act quickly

That’s because it was a very balanced fight where you lost a lot of HP and the other player had some chance to damage in meele…
Enjoy it well before the nerf because the DEVs already said that ranged will be reviewed.

Alright, that was funny lol.

Great, wise analyze, decided to salvage my bow after that post.

boring and annoying af. Have to run 70% time in OPR to catch few times bow rat

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Bad bows, broke up your daily routine swinging via your LBM button?

ratatata lbm joke, melee using it same often as you do, bow bot

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Bow bot? Kinda interesting.

Could swear that’s @Pointe warming up before opening the forums for his daily visit in every thread that’s suggesting the slightest buff to anything that he’s not playing.


Rent free.

And you act like this is hard? Beating a very bad player impressive.

It’s just a joke, chill buddy.

Spear 1700 crit bow 2200 non crit. Seems balanced.

This is gold