Merge a High Population Server into a Low Pop Server | Ravenal will be merging into Styx for Vanaheim Rho

This is probably the best idea i have heard. Go and merge the bigger community (Ravenal Peak 1200 players) into a low population server (Styx Peak 700 players).

This is just a slap into the face for the companys on Ravenal. They cant even make war on the merge server because all is already green and yellow. Purple does not really exist on both servers. There is just one (good pvp) purple company on Ravenal.

And why to hell you merge the bigger server into the lower one. That make absolute no sense. This is like Amazon Games say fck u and merry christmas to the community.

I hope this won’t be true for our server group.
Also they really need to increase the incentive for being underdog faction. The only reason our server isn’t completely one-collored is bc our company stoped taking towns after everfall, brightwood and windsward. Nothing would stop us from taking all.

It isn’t the final step in mergers. It is the first step.

Whether its the first or the last step it doesn’t really matter in this case. I am from Ravenal too and looking at the other worlds in the world set it makes no sense that we are not the host world in this case.

We are both the larger world as well as having a three faction presence (albeit somewhat imbalanced) while on Styx, it is a Marauder/Covenant driven world from what I’ve heard. Sure as Syndicate myself thats annoying, and sure it opens up opportunities for territory claim but we all know attacks are less successful than defends and as OP said, most of our syndicate guilds are not as prevalent when it comes to pvp, we have two guilds (an A and B guild of the same company) that show themselves actively in pvp shrugs

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