Merge and open transfers to other fresh start servers

you need to merge other fresh start servers, its getting to the point where Medea and myriddin are almost dead, your going to loose so many players, because we cant find enough people to pvp or fight.

your reason that they have given is because your statistics say there are alot of total accounts on there, however None of these people are playing or have been playing consently infact alot of people have played once or twice and never touched it again.

your left with your actual player base and you need to merge them together because right now they are too far spread out. alot of people are complaining about this.

its a mmo, we dont want to play with 600-700 players we want over 1.5k


We need urgent merges, before Devs go on vacation and leave the game for a month without support.

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Have you read this?

or this?

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The holidays are why your player count is low, no company in their right mind will adjust anything until after January 1, when gameplay resumes to normal levels.

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I don’t understand your links, we want MERGES with other fresh servers, not transfers and merges with legacys.

I don’t know if you got to play last year in December

But it was a meme, there were exploits where people abused it in wars.

Insufferable lag in wars and Open world, which was not possible to play in some cities.
There were no server restarts to fix some bugs.

And basically, there was no developer, moderator, nobody, they only responded from technical support from where they can’t do anything.

Being an MMO player, I have not seen any company let their players down even on a holiday. But well, this is Exploit World. Shit happens.

I can tell.

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This situation was urgent for my server (titan) on nov 5th when we first started posting here about how bad the pop was. They did nothing for us when the event ended, AND HAVE STILL REFUSED TO EVEN COMMENT A PLAN TO US.

Its so damn insulting. Especially after playing in that totally NOT fun event.

If that happened to me, I might delete my forum account and uninstall the game.


You’re aware that during holidays playernumbers usually go WAY up and not the opposite? xD

Acorrding to? Gallup? Rasmussen? Quinnipiac?

Oh according to me. Since it’s not my first month on the internet

Ah. Second month I see.

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