Merge and settlement storage issues

Let me start by saying I’m grateful the merges are starting to happen, our server was completely dead and it’s nice to see some new faces.

However, I was unable to login the last 24~ hours before the merge so I wasn’t one of the lucky players to have 5 hours of dedicating time to storage/trading post management before the merge happened. I’ve logged in and two of my main settlement storages are 10-20k overcapped (WW and EF). With the recent patch that does not allow us to place sell orders when our storage is overcapped it’s now became a PAINFUL tedious chore to deal with this mess.

Whatever the reason was for implementing this awful feature, it was wrong. I’m aware there were 2 issues that the devs were attempting to deal with: 1) Not allowing people to post items on the TP and take them off in another settlement. This specifically was resolved by making items taken off the TP go back into the settlement storage they were posted in. 2) TP isn’t supposed to be used as a storage for items that you realistically don’t have a cap for. This was never fixed. As long as my settlement storage has room I can continue to place as MUCH as I want on the TP, no restrictions. So in theory I could still continue to use the TP as a storage. Assuming that the devs intent was not to allow this it would make complete sense to implement a feature that adds the weight from items on the TP and your settlement storage to determine if you’re placing too much on the TP, or even display the settlement storage weight on the TP so we can at least do some maths ourselves. BUT INSTEAD - they implement this crack half-arsed idea of not allowing only sell orders to be placed ONLY IF settlement storage is full.

Now where am I have troubles? Well… To start… I personally like to place quantity buy orders at reduced price for future crafting or selling. However… these buy orders don’t check the weight in your settlement storage and allow it to be overcapped. So why allow buy orders of quantities over your settlement storage weight then? These particular things put me in the same situation i’m in now.

After the merge I have a 10-20k settlement storage overcap. So what are my options? Take 1k out at a time, TP to another settlement… put it in that settlement storage and TP back. Out of azoth extremely fast with no viable way to replenish enough to accomplish this. Am i supposed to only be placing items up to my storage weight in each settlement? I could place them on TP, but that puts me in the same mess as before… something else might happen where AGS decides that everything in my TP should be put back in my storage and now im overcapped again.

So what else? Listen to the forums and drop stuff on the ground, head to TP and place it for sell, then head back to pick things up? Sure… ill give it a try. Oh wait…

I picked up as much weight as I could from my settlement storage, stepped back, placed it on the ground. Went back into storage, grabbed some more, stepped back and placed it on the ground. I continued this process until my storage was back under the weight cap. Cool… now i can walk to TP to place items for sell again.

Oh wait… I need to do this fast or items are going to despawn… OH WAIT… I can’t move so i need to drop some items on the ground first. OH WAIT, there is an item cap ON THE GROUND TOO. So now im stuck, i cant place items on the ground, i cant move, i’m watching all my bags despawn around me and now i’ve lost a ton of stuff because its all despawning.

Cool design. Awesome game.


Well you can recall to the inn of said town for free with 1 hour cool down and you have a lot of running to do. Also you were well aware of when the server merges were gonna happen. So that 24hr not to sign in…well what about the other 3-4 days.

This doesn’t change the fact that it’s a problem. This same thing can and will happen with large buy quantity buy orders… with or without server merges. Also, what should I have done even if I had 5-8 hours of play time before merges JUST to dedicate to storage management/tp management?

Stop trolling and trying to justify this. Holy.

It’s crazy to me that you think i’m just here to complain.

Sure, the post was coming from a point of frustration. But, nonetheless I presented several suggestions and ways the system could be changed to prevent such issues again. It’s not “lazy” just because I don’t want to spend hours of my time before a patch/merge just to prepare my inventory for said patch/merge, based off the current games design flaws. This isn’t something we, the players, should have to dedicate our time to because the devs/ags decided to create too many unnecessary servers on launch just to handle the server capacity.

To you, the game must be perfect in every way. Player feedback, issues, and suggestions are beyond your scope of imagination. To you, every player should be grateful for what they have.

I imagine as a game developer getting raw feedback from an end user experiencing issues is part of the job and necessary to improve the game. Get outta here with your bs. Stop trolling the forums with your daddy abused me so I gotta take out on other people responses.

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Hello @ PurpuraMors!

I’m having the same issue here. It appears that one of my storage chests is not being recognized. I have a T3 house with 3 chests but when it caps 2 chests, I can’t store anything more saying that my storage is full. This is a big issue and people need to stop “defending” Amazon beucase we paid for it and patch we get a ton of bugs…

There will always be those people who come onto the forum to troll post. This is literally forum section meant to gather feedback and suggestions, they just come on here to complain about the people complaining. It’s tiring.

With that being said, your issue seems a bit different from what I was posting about. Nonetheless, the storage system is indeed garbage right now.

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