Merge complainers, like, why?

Im so confused, there were so many forum posts to merge servers and especially a lot from US-West. So why complain once they actually listen? who cares about ur 200 peek “community”, the games gonna die unless merges happen, not everyone wants 1 OPR pop per day, not everyone wants to wait 3 hours for an arena pop, no one wants to be limited in what u want to do because of player population. Dont drag the rest of the server down with you because you want to keep a tight knit friend group/community. AGS keep doing what ur doing lmao, servers needed a merge. Damned if u do, damned if u dont with this community.


I think most of the complainers are upset about the fact that they transfered one or two days before the merges were announced and therefore paid 15 $ for “nothing”. I get that honestly. Maybe AGS is kind enough to agree and give all people a refund who transfered in the last 48h before the announcement, because the merge announcement was very sudden compared to earlier merges.


I agree, but theres people who are more so mad that they will be thrown into a pool without choice, theres a suprising amount of people who dont want merges because they “like the way it is right now”. Its weird, because people were calling for said merges not even a week prior. But yes I agree a good amount are mad because they transferred instead and AGS didnt really make anything clear till they made the announcement.


Well merging servers will remove some Everfall/Windsward holders. Selfish players wont embrace a challenge, they will complain about their free money losing.

Merges are great from all aspects! Golden times of bots is collapsing. Gold sellers will have much harder times now as there will be competition for holding a city and selling the money.

About players who recently transferred it was their choice. I’d not give any refund. It’s just a small fee paid by server jumpers.
Also we dont know yet if merged server are getting or not a free transfer ticket. If they do, then this is their compensation.


free money?
they make like 250k on these dead servers xD

Then why would they transfer on such server? And anyway it was their decision. Amazon or nobody else forced them to go on that dead server to do whatever they wanted to do, just to transfer back 3 days later.

There are also ppl who rather pay 2 transfer tickets to buy very cheap gold from dead servers just to transfer back after. But cant accuse them for this without proofs.
But overall there is something shady from transferring from a populated server to a dead server for few days just to transfer back after.

pretty sure, to escape the toxic community, that crouches around on high pop servers… :slight_smile:


idk, many of the larger servers havent really been as toxic as alot of people think, dorado I think was the only one ive been on that was a toxic cesspool and thats because of like, 2 companies who moved off a little after I arrived. Of course thats just my experience, I could very well be an exclusion to “big pop= lots of toxicity” but its been like 2 or 3 high pop servers now that ive been in

I’ve been back for a month after a 6 month break. My old servers were never dead, and this new one is about 20% more populated than them.

I like to gather, especially when I’m on call at work and can’t do much else.

I love the feeling of exploring a wild and remote frontier, coming up with routes, etc. When all the nodes are down the experience feels not only unproductive but… barren, its tough to describe.

After I check one zone and find it farmed out, then another and the same, then maybe a third, I get strong “I wonder what else is on Steam” vibes, and sort of forget New World exists for a few days, or months.

As far as Territory Wars go, the game is 100% designed to be dominated by mega-companies. Maybe there will be a shake-up but I doubt it. And either way it won’t affect me. AGS has admitted this is a problem but it’ll probably take a while for them to fix.

I’m sure the merger will be good for the smaller server, but to me its nothing but bad news. I ain’t livid about it or nothing, but you asked for reasons so there =)



Well give them feedback to make all the nodes random. That way you can explore all day ling

Personal im just dissapointed dont get me wrong the merg is a grate thing and i have been wanting merges. But my server will be merged together whit som frensh servers which will make the people that dont speak french a minority.

This would not help at all. As it stands, it takes three or four players to strip a territory, and it doesn’t matter if those nodes spawn randomly or not.

And part of the fun is creating efficient routes, so randomness would ruin that. Also node spawns add to the overall theme of a territory, and randomizing stuff would ruin that as well.

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Ohonoo already has around 6-9 pages of sign ups per war after the roster has been filled for purple. Its being merged into a server with a larger population which will reduce the chance of getting war slotted further.

Ohhh I thought you were looking for actual reasons why people wouldn’t want mergers. Now I know you just wanted to cry. Its ok, we all need to do that sometimes =).


now thats a valid argument ive heard for against transfers, im gonna be honest I forget the EU exists sometimes because im a fat american :\

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I think its more to do with the fact that the merges will just cause the problems with wars to get bigger - as everyone fights to be in wars and the system is already bad.

  • I get we need them but i think it will do the opposite and push those that could participate in them further to leaving

  • not even mentioning the fact that there were people who paid to transfer → kinda big slap in the face if nothing is given back

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no, you’re reason was oddly worded as it took a whole essay to convey that " I like farming and cant do that on a high pop server", it took a little to find that point in your clutter of a post. Why would I be crying? im the one saying its a good thing and im all for transfers LOL

You’re complaining that people are complaining. I thought I’d give you a rounded-out reason why people would not want transfers. I’m sorry it wasn’t “I like to gather.”


its more so asking why the community hates AGS for doing something theyve been asking for, its just weird. Your reason of gathering is somewhat valid but its hidden within an essay of unrelated stuff. Thats why I said “Ok”, no need to come at me Mr. farmer

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