Merge complainers, like, why?

I haven’t complained, but I will say I was nonplussed to learn that two servers are being merged into mine. Primarily because my server seems to be in a sweet spot right now. Resource node competition has dropped significantly, but there are still plenty of PUG expeditions and mutations being posted, OPR pops within 5 minutes, etc.

Really, the only issue I’m seeing right now (on my server) seems to relate to the upcoming orb change. There are fewer M10 pugs getting posted than there were a couple weeks ago. I believe this is due to no one wanting to spend their orbs. Every mutation orb that is saved will become a boss loot roll at the M7 level. This could be very handy for anyone who hasn’t pulled all the loot they want out of, say, Dynasty and Depths. Or even the new expedition, possibly.

As a result, I think people are avoiding burning their mutation orbs. But that issue will go away once the update comes in (though the weekly limit on mutations may replace it).

Was the first thing I did when I joined, when the game came out in September for live release I found the server I wanted. Myself I never wanted to be on a big server have been merged 5 times, was there when cob was merged into cos and the lag fest and new wave of bots that came from cos and over 2k population and massive ques. Since day one that’s been a big no thanks.

Vaya por delante que respeto tu opinión. Pero no debes contar únicamente los que se quejan de falta de merges. La gran mayoría no se ha quejado. Y precisamente la gente que se quejan de falta de merges, ha tenido la opción de pagar un token e irse a un servidor con más población. Pero en lugar de eso, viene aquí y se queja. Y lo peor de todo es que a esos se les escucha… Y los demás qué? Porque no se hace una encuesta o similar. Con el agravante de que hay gente que ha pagado por irse a un servidor con menor población para poder farmear o simplemente porque le apetece estar en un servidor más pequeño. Que van a hacer con esa gente. Les van a devolver el dinero? Pues no creo. Pero como no lo vivimos en nuestra propia carne, nos da igual. Y repito lo dicho al principio. Respeto tu opinión.

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well good for you, ur smart.

Ok, so you did not play for 6 months and come to complain. Gettautahere

Strong communities is what helps player retention and player investment in a game. Not merging so toxic PvPers can ruin another server, squat on settlements to run them into the ground while collecting gold for RMT, and drive players away from the game, before they run off to screw over another server.
Instanced PvP can be cross-server, no need for merges.

AGS should just delete the player-controlled settlement model. Then there would be no need for server merges, or even server size limits.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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Valid complaint

Great opportunity to learn some French :stuck_out_tongue:

But isn’t it the case that anyone who paid for transfers knew of and took that risk when they purchased the token?

It’s not like they told us that there would never be more merges. It would be a nice gesture if people who bought and used a token in last last x amount of time got a free one, but I really don’t think that they should feel obligated to tbh.

Were these merges announced out of curiosity?

Players choose those small servers to get away from the toxic mega companies.


I agree that the system is broken and is currently run by the elite few AGS needs to fix this …

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I can totally understand why some people would prefer the peace and quiet of a smaller server, either for the sake of harvesting in peace, enjoying the immersion, or experiencing a better quality community. The problem is servers cost money and if it’s not cost effective to keep them running then they need to be merged.

I know there will be more competition coming for harvesting nodes, but I’m also looking forward to the PvP territory wars being shaken up a bit. Getting a bit tired of seeing same companies owning everything.

Then one more server per region wouldn’t explode their costs. The reason why 3v3, opr etc never or rarely happened is because people enjoy PvE and rather did anything but PvP. In contrast, elite runs were always full. Can’t be a coincidence.

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They complaining cause there were free farming lodestone and ori to sell on high pop server after patch.

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nope it is, theres a lot of people who like both content, the only difference is these elite runs and stuff arent instanced events, u can just get a decent amount of people going for it and do it, you cant do that with OPR and arenas. I highly doubt that these chest runs had the same amount of players that it would take to start an OPR.

Chest runs have more people and there is more pve players because pvp is absolute garbage. 0 balance at all to opr or 3v3.

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I get your point, yet those chest/elite runs on my server always had the same time, around 6PM, with at least 50 players. That’s more than needed for OPR or 3V3, even expeditions we’re almost instantly (depending on the time, of course not midweek in the morning) full.

I enjoy both, though I enjoy PvP in a moderate and casual way. There are a lot, yes. I’d say it’s at least a 50/50 ratio, ±.

or its a skill issue bub :smiley:

they own the servers, as they also run servers for tons of big game company’s servers, example epic games servers run off amazon. It cost them almost nothin to occupy there own space.