Merge complainers, like, why?

Yeah, we transferred 3 weeks ago and I am pissed because several players in our Company used their tokens or bought transfers because New World promised they were not doing that again .

My server is already in a good spot, both in terms of population and community.

This change could spoil that. Seems like a reasonable concern.

No, they didn’t. They said no more free transfer tokens. They never have said no more mergers ever.
When asked at the time they said they had no immediate plans to merge (this was a couple months ago, I think?).


Having a populated server for new players who create characters is best for the game.

new players aren’t joining though so that’s not really true. → they hardly joined when it was free weekend and its at full box price atm

I see many new low level characters so there are new players joining.


And they’re not even all bots!!!

You’re gonna have to go ahead and quote them word for word instead of just insisting they totally bricked this without any source suggesting any such thing.

I mean it should be obvious but the folks here complaining aren’t the ones that asked for a merge. Not a hard concept really. Some people prefer the smaller more friendly environments that they had which are now being destroyed. It sucks for them and hopefully they will be able to get back some of the game they enjoy on the new servers.

That being said it has to be done. Though I’m not sure it had to be done for all of them. Speaking exclusively from the point of view from ohonoo we had enough players. We had a decent community and once the disgusting Caspari company and their endless shell companies left (which they had plans to and now we’re stuck with them!) we would have been better off. Opr was constant normally 2 or 3 matches running at a time. Chest runs every day multiple times in all timezones. Always mutation groups etc.

Personally I’m excited for the merge. But several of my company mates hate it. We have several that literally transferred off orofena less than a week ago because of toxic people that they didn’t want to play around, what will they do now? The folks I play with put community before anything so I’m sure we can keep them engaged and excited to log on but it’s a kick in the stomach for a lot of ohonoo right now.

I think you need to remember op that not everyone feels like you. It’s hard to do while reading words on a forum post but using some empathy will go a long way in understanding someone else’s position on something.

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Other actually professionally run MMOs that use the dated server system provide a range of server sizes that people can choose from. They don’t just constantly keep rolling everyone into the largest possible server.

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People choose where they wanted to be and high pop wasn’t the answer for a lot of them, not enough crafting materials, bots everywhere and extremely toxic people, also que times on larger servers. My whole company transferred to ohonono because it wasn’t to big but what we want doesn’t matter or the people who play this game amazon makes that very clear.

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Not the best a big crowded server for new players tho, ok for question. But to upgrade all gathering and then crafting skills it’s terrible. Or you splash the cash to feed power hungry pvp companies or you have to fight for every ressources you need on 1k5 server. I still don’t know why they make a cap on 2k pop server. I’m almost full pve stuffed on my main acc, growing a secondary but I think I’ll leave soon or later by how all merges go. I don’t even know if they have even put a toe in a big populated server

Interesting, I’m on Orofena. Any idea who the offenders were?

I’m not going to say the server is perfect, but I haven’t really seen any egregious behavior.

(Unless of course it’s me killing people in Great Cleave!)

same for my server, I seen a lot of people say they came back since december after hearing about the summer patch.

yeah no, its population and the lack of content that comes with it that kills the game. me saying the truth in a slightly aggressive way is just me being genuinely confused at this community and what they choose to complain about.

yeah, we had that on midian pre server merges and it was fun, but it was not sustainable for long.

Basically, people are upset because they’re taking away options for a pretty sizable piece of the player base. I counted peak players for EU, US East, and US West for the last 24 hours. Tthe servers that people are merging into have a peak population of around 5225 players total. The servers that are being merged had a peak of around 3400 players total. So for the affected servers, we’re talking about 40% of the affected players being from low and medium pop servers.

Since paid transfer tokens have been implemented, if you were on a low to mid pop server and wanted more frequent OPR queues/wars/pvp content in general, you had the option to transfer to a higher pop server. If you were in a higher pop server and wanted to be on a server that’s less sweaty, has more opportunities for farming and crafting, or wanted to get into invasions/wars that aren’t as heavily gatekept, then you could transfer to a lower pop server. By merging all lower pop servers, they’re removing the option for the 2nd group of people, and if it follows the pattern from previous merges (speaking from experience with the last round of mergers) a chunk of those players will quit.

IMO better option would be to merge the low pop servers together and leave one low or low-medium server up per region for people to transfer to if they prefer that kind of playstyle.


I couldn’t disagree more. A new player on a dead server without town boards, or upgraded crafting stations, and people to run dungeons with or help with quests, or a dead trading post is guaranteed to be a bad experience for a new player.

I’ve been in COS for months and farm everyday and never compete for resources. That’s a misnomer.

i dont know about you but a lot of the servers low pop (eu central) - besides the stuff that required alot of players their boards were maintained

At this point, mergers are …pointless.

The only merge what would make any sense is a merge to 1 single server at every location. There simply aren’t enough people to play anymore unless you’re only a very small few between EU and East US. Currently, all west coast servers are dead except for one single server, which isn’t far behind. Max players is 1k in a day for only a couple of hours. The rest of the time it’s less than half that. The other servers have barely 100 people playing at any given time.

So there is no point in mergers unless they all point to one single server. Even then, populations will continue to bleed out as they have done.

The game hasn’t seen that ‘Low’ point in pop where it evens out, where your new players and leaving players average out. Right now, we’re still on the down trend, contrary to what some people erroneously believes. You can write that down under FACT.

Some people will try like hell to prop up numbers and try to show you the outcome while hiding a few specific details but the fact is still a fact. NW is still losing… not gaining, players.

Server mergers were, I think, just one of the reasons why this game lost so many people. People were allowed to move around so much without hinderance but it was always when it was either too late or at the exact same time they were giving out free tokens so people were jumping servers while servers were merging making it a complete and uncoordinated mess.

100% all the Dev’s doing.