Merge complainers, like, why?

Were these merges announced out of curiosity?

Players choose those small servers to get away from the toxic mega companies.


I agree that the system is broken and is currently run by the elite few AGS needs to fix this …

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I can totally understand why some people would prefer the peace and quiet of a smaller server, either for the sake of harvesting in peace, enjoying the immersion, or experiencing a better quality community. The problem is servers cost money and if it’s not cost effective to keep them running then they need to be merged.

I know there will be more competition coming for harvesting nodes, but I’m also looking forward to the PvP territory wars being shaken up a bit. Getting a bit tired of seeing same companies owning everything.

Then one more server per region wouldn’t explode their costs. The reason why 3v3, opr etc never or rarely happened is because people enjoy PvE and rather did anything but PvP. In contrast, elite runs were always full. Can’t be a coincidence.

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They complaining cause there were free farming lodestone and ori to sell on high pop server after patch.

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nope it is, theres a lot of people who like both content, the only difference is these elite runs and stuff arent instanced events, u can just get a decent amount of people going for it and do it, you cant do that with OPR and arenas. I highly doubt that these chest runs had the same amount of players that it would take to start an OPR.

Chest runs have more people and there is more pve players because pvp is absolute garbage. 0 balance at all to opr or 3v3.

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I get your point, yet those chest/elite runs on my server always had the same time, around 6PM, with at least 50 players. That’s more than needed for OPR or 3V3, even expeditions we’re almost instantly (depending on the time, of course not midweek in the morning) full.

I enjoy both, though I enjoy PvP in a moderate and casual way. There are a lot, yes. I’d say it’s at least a 50/50 ratio, ±.

or its a skill issue bub :smiley:

they own the servers, as they also run servers for tons of big game company’s servers, example epic games servers run off amazon. It cost them almost nothin to occupy there own space.

I fully agree with that. They don´t have to do anything, I think a free token would be nice but honestly I wouldn´t hold it against them If they didn´t refund anything.

I have no clue what you’re talking about. I am on Midgard myself, I just dont play the game right now. I was on a small server 2-3 months after launch. If they have WW and EF they make about 400k per week which is more than the 0k they will make in a new server.

I just logged in at Midgard and a yellow company that is named “healthy Midgard” is owning WW while another yellow owns EF.

Now, I would suggest for you to stop talking because I know exactly what I;m talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve a reroll on vega right now, the companies owning EF and WW are barely doing 50k net worth a week (don’t forget about town upkeep). So small servers can have T5 stations and stuff like that. Just missing a bit opr and arenas but… 1k5 if a lot like gathering crafting quietly, that’s too much… That’s why I created this reroll, to have some chill moments out of the Abaton pvp mega server (even if I like run some opr and arena sometimes) but playing this game anyway. Now it will be stacked, the biggest companies on servers will rule it, and will get bored, will leave. And this will be the real end game, the server shutdown because all kind of players are going to be disgusted at some point :slight_smile: .

You are talking ages ago, 2-3 months after launch.

I was on a 250peak server 2 weeks ago and they were making a little over 120k. Thats nothing compare to the millions on big servers.

I very much know what i am talking about thank you.

Not sure I want to get into naming names before I even get to the server lol. I didn’t ask who.

one side having more healers or more melee in an opr is not a skill issue, it’s a balance issue.

I am the consul in the company that has WW on Vega and I can tell you once the 150k upkeep is payed we make around 7k. We have it fully upgraded.

We built a great community that is now winning invasions. We have helped people level. Run chest runs every day. Help people do expeditions. Even after wars and invasions we manage to get an OPR to fire.

I have had probably my favourite time in the game since the big pvp companies moved out and left us to start a company to take over neglected areas so the server could have T5 stations…

I am quite sad about merging


My issues with merges is that it doesn’t actually fixes the problem. It only prolong it. I mean after this merge, the US EAST is gonna have 4 servers to choose from. While fine and dandy, what happens if those servers loses more people? We’re literately merging ourselves into oblivion in favor of instant gratification lmao.


I feel you, we got kinda the same on Hellheim, well with less people so we weren’t doing stuff in invasions but we had some T5 station. We got WW and EF so we splitted T5 station between the cities. Well we earned a bit of money that got used on merge to declare wars. But yeah not tons of money as people look like to think. And well, at merge we gathered all people from all factions in a same company (well yeh we were that low number of peeps) but that was good old time when server was like a community (but AGS don’t give a real f about that unfortunately)