Merge Delos and Sutekh Server

When are you going to merge Delos and Sutekh server? Sutekh server can’t even reach 500 players anymore for like 2 weeks now. Waiting for Sutekh to die before you merge? Soon AP Southeast region have a playerbase that peaks around 400 then most like you’ll merge the server when there are no more players.

You can’t hope players will keep playing the game after an event. Sure having an event will make them pick up the game again but you can’t “JUST HOPE” the players will keep on playing AFTER the event/s. All you’re doing is temporary solution for the loss of player base. AP Southeast is literally choking especially in fresh servers.


It’s a fresh start server, it won’t merge into a legacy server :frowning: they promised sadly

yeah we need merge please . can’t find a single mutation to do with and for opr there is no opr . people cant find group to do things . merge ASAP

Ill be waiting for y’all to move to delos. Let’s go fishing!

Unfortunately that promise effects their bottom line, many AP SE players including myself are waiting for merge to return to the game.

Yea I always thought fresh start servers were a sun idea but the community asked god it. Has it even been1 year since fresh start servers were established? Lol it’s a real shame, they r bad if the don’t merge, and they r bad if they do, it’s a real lose lose situation

It needs to happen for sure. I realize they said they will never merge fresh start to legacy, but AP southeast is in a very unique situation, where merging the 2 may save the region from falling off completely.

All they need to do is allow transfers off the server only