Merge Lilliput (US West) please

It would be exciting if we got merged into one of the bigger servers on US West.
The population stays around 100 online… I think it would be good for the server to merge.


There’s no open world pvp on Lilliput. :frowning: or people to group for with dungeons.

Buy a transfer token ?
They wont merge anymore

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No more merges?

But Lilliput only has 100 or so players on most times. Doesn’t make sense. 64 on right now. There is no outpost rush.

I have an alt on Lilliput and yes, it’s very low pop but; it’s the sole ES/EN server in US West.

they have announced that there will no longer be server merges and if you dont like the server to buy a token and transfer to a different one.

that might be a good BS reason for sustaining it. look how much the former is used in global. that’s laughable.

you know as well as I know, the only people on that server are sweaty farmers. lol. that are either alts, mules, or people that transfer there and transfer out when they’re done farming.

Just transfer

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and some dbag that offers 10 gold to new players under level 14 because it’s a Tuesday. lol.

let’s not forget how much gold you can make by spending a little real dinero. and how many people that are really doing it.

A bump just for you.

A bump for Lilliput.

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