Merge more server into one

You are too shy with server merge.
You should be more aggressive with server merge.
I mean merging 2 dead servers wont make a playable server.
You should merge 3,4 or 5 server into one, so we can finally feel playing a mmo.
I would prefer doing a 15min queue when loggin than keeping playing on dead server.
I might be wrong but we will see…


It’s clear they don’t want people “playing a mmo”. These merges are nothing but “lip service”.

Maybe they plan to merge more than one into one… but maybe they have technical constraints so it has to be a multi step process?

They should have never split the player base up that much to begin with.

I’ve been saying from launch, we need a larger server capacity, not more servers.


server capacity, server merge etc… should be prepared way before.
This is one of the biggest propblem of this game in my opinion, they are always late and have wrong priority…


What do you expect from a small indie company/s just saying… lmfao

They can barely complete a merge between two servers without breaking the game. You think they could handle multiple in one shot?!

They don’t know how to merg outside of clusters so numbers of possible servers are restricted.

Server mergers are like putting bandaids on a wound that requires stitches. Thus will still bleed players as I’am sure if you are one of the servers that goes poof and you lose territories and all your’re not happy at all.

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