Merge Ohonoo & Orun please

Even though I am from Ohonoo, Pluto is in the same boat as Orun. It would be ideal to merge Orun + Pluto into Ohonoo to be in line with the remaining servers. Having Orun and Pluto’s current numbers until fall with the new zone isn’t ideal honestly. I’m sure both servers would like a merge instead of using their transfer tokens. If they wanna merge servers now for the Orun and Pluto players to have a better experience in a more populated server within Ohonoo, this would be the time. AGS can definitely can re-enable “past” servers if the saturation is too high when Brimstone Sands content is releases. I highly doubt the summer content will have a major impact on server population to include queues. The game has been out long enough for AGS and players to know some content will bring back players by droves while some may not after the initial hype is over when the dust settles.

February was the last time NW seen a spike in players, until then, sadly, it’s been on a decline, as expected for any game when content has it’s peek then fall when players wanted to see what all the hype was about. Fall in my opinion AGS will see players come back for that major content.


As long as the cross server is limited to regions. This is mostly because you wouldn’t want to have the ping delay between someone in US East and a server in the AP Southeast region.

They should merge all old servers into 1-3 servers depending of population for each region and eventually create a new server in each region where transfers are not allowed for 3-6 months.

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I have the opposite problem. Toxic people keep transferring into my server. Wish that would stop. TBF there were some cool people that transferred in as well.

There is like nothing to do on Orun anymore. Maybe an OPR once an hour. No one plays arenas, really. No open world pvp. Not even dungeons, really. It’s coming to an end, at least Orun server.

Oh well, overwatch 2 beta is in a few days.

I get that it’s off hours, I suppose, but Orun has 165 players online currently. It’s not enough players to do anything. Please consider merging, AGS.

Ohonoo, Orun, Pluto and Silha honestly.

(Could rename it to Plutohoonium)

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That would be nice.

Ohonoo = 348
pluto = 151
orun = 165
silha = 64

Would be low 700s right now.


ive transferred three times chasing high pop servers :-/

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Yea, I’m on my 3rd server. They all start off +1000 population, but eventually drop to <200.

Cross server OPR, arenas, and dungeons would solve a lot of low populations server problems, though.


Merge the servers before you lose another couple thousand players for no reason. I’d gladly keep playing New World if there were people to play with. I’m sure I’m not the only one.