Merge Orun and Pluto

Both servers have player population peaks around 300 and it’s only going to get worse.

Really think the bottom 3 need a round of free tokens.

AND for ags to keep their hands off the server lock button >=C

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Yea, the server lock killed Orun :frowning:

It is about primetime right now, nearly 8pm EST, and both Orun and Pluto have less than 300 players online.

Consider merging Orun and Pluto, and hopefully merge those 2 into Ohonoo, which has a player population of about 550.

No reason to lose players unnecessarily.

Agreed. Was on pluto, luckily i had a free token still and xfered off otherwise I prolly would have quit the game

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All of the map except for 3 zones belong to green on Orun. There is a war in 30mins for one of the last remaining yellow zones. 60 greens are signed up, but only 20 yellow, hah. It doesn’t feel like a game on a server like this.

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