Merge request, save europe

Only 2 french servers left. ~500 players each.

Merge them very very very soon. People are getting bored on them and switching to barri/dry tree.

Save europe from french players influx. Merge those servers so frenchies can still play together somewhere and not deal with all the vaguette jealousy

quel sont les 2 serveur français restant avec le transfert de région nous sommes plusieurs coincé en US voulant transférer de votre côté

Ship Trap or Nysa.

Atm on Nysa : 2 big companies fighting each other, one syndicate and one covenant.
Marauders lost too much people and still have player but not a strong enough roster for wars (most of pvp tryhard pvp went to the covenant). We still let them the control over 3 territories to keep the map in a certain balance (for now at least)

Covenant’s big company is the strongest atm, even if they don’t win their attacks.

Can’t say for ship trap

What’s wrong with french people moving to european servers ?
Maybe they’re looking for a more challenging community and have found it on a european server ?
Some people get bored because they tried hard and got their expertise and gear up before others and the other players can’t compete with them. So either everybody is patient and helps each other improve or, most of the time, people will want to play with people at their level.
I’m on Nysa and I can tell that coming from a very small server, having 500 people around is a bit unsettling. Merging with Ship Trap and ending with over 1k players, no thank you !

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