Merge Seer and Amarah and any other dead servers

Can you please merge some servers. Currently I have a character on Seer. It is not my main but I would really like to be able to enjoy my fresh start character again. But Seer is incredibly dead, as is Amarah. Just merge these two servers and everyone on both these servers will have a better experience.

I mostly agree as I have a character on one of these servers. But part of me thinks that merges at this point for FS is just admitting that there won’t be a significant increase in players returning for the Seasons update. I don’t want to get to a position where we are down to one or two servers and the game regains popularity such that there are long queues or we are stuck in the crappy situation legacy servers were in on the BS update where servers were getting locked and created all the time. Especially with FS where people can’t transfer to fill other servers.