Merge Server now or it’s too late

Firstly, I’ve played this game since launch and played through all the bullshit and bugs etc, I still want this game to succeed, I’m mainly a PvP player but also have spent a lot of time doing PvE.

Devs, if you read this please do not reply with ‘oh we will let you know when our next merges are coming!’

I play on Midgard, in late November it had 1900+ players daily, now it has 600 peak hours. Imagine that.

I’m seeing this all over the forums and hearing it from different streamers/communities, you HAVE to do mass merges and do it fast. You’ve had plenty of time to sort out the issues you’ve been having with merges (these issues have been happening since you did the first merge which was months ago) it’s not acceptable to release a game in beta if you can’t handle the development of it.

We can wait for content patiently, we appreciate the bug fixes that will be coming and we hope that it fixes more bugs than it will create, you have to merge servers fast.

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Check the News forum. They have already begun. They started in Eastern EU and are now moving on to SA.

New World has no content, this game will be good but maybe in 3 4 years

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