Merge Servers = Death to Come?

As the players have diminished, so have the servers.

As the servers have diminished, so has the game.

Is this a Game of Widdle?

When New World widdles down to 1 server, What happens then?

Presumably it’ll just be 1000 of the people all telling everyone everything is fine.


Let the brain-lets and the skill-lets get everything they deserve. Let this be proof of what happens when your game, cater to this demographic of pathetic pretend gamers.

AGS good luck trying to fix your close to irreparable reputation in the gaming sphere. If you have any mind to attempt to do so. You are going to have to start with New World. By first reverting all of your anti-gamer design decisions. That chased the gamers away from your game.


Maybe they just need to try making something besides an MMORPG as their first and only success.

Instead we didn’t get Crucible and now New World is future uncertain.


Around 5000 players are trapped right now in endless loop of temporary ban. These are legitimate players, not bots, not permanently banned and yet after almost 2 weeks AGS just keeping them in temporary ban. No joke, a lot of smaller servers are practically dead (<150 online at peak time) because of this.

Maybe AGS do want to kill this game shrug


Something will have to come from this other than total failure.

I do agree, the majority of real pc gamers have quit and are usually a lot smarter than most of us because they quit months ago.

I just don’t see how this game direction changes.

2 months from now players are asking for more servers but with bots?

I mean, we’d have so much less trouble if their CS weren’t an outsource that didn’t believe in providing evidence for punishments.

It’s unbelievable how poorly players are treated by CS, and I’m convinced it’s a bogus contract they don’t want to honour but have to. There’s no way they all stand behind the actions of this CS department. :confused:


It’s not that at all, I believe they absolutely are clueless in what to do, they never work as a CS/GM/admin for any online games at all which is a joke. I believe all AGS does is give him the log sheets and if there’s anywhere there that shows suspicion of duping to just ban the account with no investigating at all.

And the ban appeal doesnt exist, period.

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Actually their CS has been outed as sourced to both League of Legends and Lost Ark, as players filing NW tickets have gotten replies structured for those games.

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Considering they opened tons of servers at launch due to the insane queues, their band-aid fix was to just keep opening up servers instead of figure out other options like increasing the cap size first some and go from there. I can’t speak for anyone else, but willing to bet many of us knew this would happen shortly after launch and there will be tons of dead servers.

I think they have a ways to go before doing “mega servers” like WIldstar ended up having to do but if that ever happens, then I am willing to bet the game won’t last much longer. But like I said. I feel it would be ways off still if it would even happen at all. I think more people will come back in time.

Also, looks like people are finishing Elden Ring and the whole Lost Ark hype has already died down too. I know some streamers who took a break from here are now back because they finished Elden Ring.

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I heard about what’s happening in Lost Ark. I think AGS is the new Activision.

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Well, I’m enjoying LA and have no complaints thus far.

But know, I’m starting to feel like my voice here on New World Forums falls on deaf ears. And if the ears have no desire to understand the words falling out of my mouth.

Then why talk, Troll? Go back to your bridge.
(referring to myself as the troll)

You’ve made your point AGS or really Employees of AGS.

You cant legally discuss that stuff with others it opens you to potential liable suits at best.


Did something happen with Lost Ark? I play it, but I play very casual here and there as I still have a long way to go to finish the story. I just noticed people were already done playing as I don’t see many people around and trying to do a dungeon going through the story I have had to do it solo because no one is queueing.

I mean, overall it is a fun game. Just not my type where I will put in hours a day and once I finish the main story I plan on being done with it but just curious if some other issues arose that I didn’t hear about.

From what i heard AGS purposely block end game content so people that’s not paying is having a very hard time upgrading their gear from GS 1340+

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Consumers often get treated badly. The only way for us is to stay away from companies, which abused our trust.

lol wow. That sucks. Yeah that isn’t good at all.

I’ve never seen another company withhold reasons for bans. This is the only one I’ve ever dealt with that will just… not tell a player why they’re banned.

“You’re under arrest sir!”

“For what???”

“Sorry, can’t tell you, you’re under arrest!”

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You have the right to remain silent, but not to know why we’re detaining you.

I have a warrant, I’m not going to show you though.

AGS had a chance to fix this but this appears to be how they prefer to have their CS handle things…