Merge servers, pls some info

pls can we have any answer to this question?

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Hello @Hipi,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

Regarding this post you shared, we currently don’t have information if these servers are going to be merged or if there’s a different plan for them. Once we have more information about this we will be letting you know, we appreciate the feedback you provided. Here’s the post with all the information on how the server merges work.

Have a great day! :wolf:

[quote="[FAQ] Server Merges, post:1, topic:627647"]
Once we’ve identified that a world needs to be merged, we compare it to the existing worlds in the world set to find the most optimal partner world by comparing elements like faction, gameplay style, and language.

Are the merges not happening because the only “optimal” partner are severs that are locked?

It makes absolutely zero sense why there hasn’t been a merge in months. I see a new thread begging for a merge every single day.

It says they try to do merges on Wednesday. Today is wednesday can we please have a merge?

I have tried playing this game on a dead server for a month but I am finished.

It would be more worth your time to reply to topics that you can actually help the player, rather than insult them.

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That wolf at the end of your message really made me upset. My company was called “The Wolves of Maulstreet” until the server completely died and during our company server transfer Castle of Steel got locked. Thus, Wolves of Maulstreet was destroyed.

Thank you for destroying my company. thanks for killing my fun.


AGS is diluted they think they are getting massive numbers of players that are going to come back after the March update. So they don’t want to merge anything. Instead they keep bleeding players and the players that will come back will find nothing on most servers, so it is all pointless exercise now.

Agreed. The sad reality is that when you are back to a dead server, there is nothing to do, and you barely can’t explore the new content because you have no one to try it with. You login, ask around in global, nobody replies, and log off. :confused: I’m really confused by this strategy

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[quote="[FAQ] Server Merges, post:1, topic:627647"]
From fighting your opposition in wars and invasions, to hanging out in the local tavern, we’ve found that a healthy realm provides more opportunities for players to enjoy the world of Aeternum.

In other words AGS does NOT want me to enjoy the world of Aeternum. This is so sad.

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