Merge the remaining US East into 10 servers

We need it ASAP. Game isn’t functioning how it should right now. OPR isn’t popping. Can’t find people for dungeons. Auction house prices and supply are all messed up. I want to play, but this game NEEDS high population. More and more people are leaving because there’s nothing worth doing when pop is dry and I really don’t blame them. I would take 10-20 minute queues on a functional server over low pop any day.

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Hopefully this happens very soon. You have nothing to lose by merging and getting the remaining servers at a healthy population.

There’s no need for 20 servers on US-East – Even at peak everyone can comfortably fit in 8-10 (max) with room for new players.

I can’t understand why this wasn’t done in the latest round of merges. Leaving servers with sub 600 peak player count (some of which are bots) couldn’t have been the end-goal of those merges, right?

Maybe developers/cm can chime in.

Unless AGS corrects the underlying issue of unsustainable, built-to-fail mechanics that work to exclude most players from core gameplay, it may not be long before the entire US East region, and every other region (with the possible exception of Europe), will fit on a single server.

Merging servers is a reaction to fundamental design problems, but unfortunately it is not a solution for them.


Lol, looking at the active players on US-West is looks like they could merge every server into 1 on there. Sad, but kind’ve funny.

They screwed themselves with the “World Sets” since you can’t merge into a different world set. Now there are low pop servers with nothing left to merge into. The players have to transfer out if they ever hope to have a population again.

I agree with most of these posts.

Although server population caps need to be raised to 5,000 players. Merge everything into 3 or 4 servers and just put the game in Maintenance mode and walk away.

Fate will take care of the inventible. It alway does.

Not enough nodes. Map too small. Take your pick.

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