Merge To Under 500 Players?

World Set: Arkadia Chi
Server: Duguang

Why are not all servers in the world set merging? As currently planned, this will leave two servers in the world set, Scheria with under 500 players total, and Oceana with just under 700. There is plenty of room for growth to merge ALL servers in the world set together. I don’t understand the logic. Sure, 500 is better than 72, but that’s still a far cry from a healthy MMO.


+1 Put oceana with the rest.


The logic is, they will merge you further to reach target of 1000 players. They said they cannot do it all at once in some cases and people might lose their houses.


The reason is there is enough bugs as it is with merging, they need to do more testing and troubleshooting, they plan to do more merges after. They just do not want to break the game for everyone in one go.

Up cause its monday and they actually log into the forums on monday.

If that’s truly the reason AGS is just a fucking failure at this point, not my fault they can’t do literally anything right.

Players just want an actual server. Not 700 people to die again in a month.

AGS retardation is their own fucking stupid ass fault

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