Merge Trade Posts of Same Worldsets (or maybe All Servers)

This would balance less populated vs more populated servers. Currently everyone try to go to more crowded servers simply due to trade issue, only some of players go for better matchmaking. This approach would give some advantage to lesser populated servers as well.

Actually this would achieve the opposite from balancing something out.

Less populated servers would profit insanely from this, being able to buy things much cheaper off the market without the negative aspect of more competition when farming resources on more populated servers.
That’s really something what should never happen.

Less populated servers come with disadvantages but various other benefits in return.
IF one server lost too much population, the only reasonable thing is a merger with another low populated one.

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This is exactly why it would be good. Most servers are semi-empty, if everyone seeks emptier servers, all would be balanced.

no. they need to adress the fact that there is empty/semi empty server.

Linking tradepost would be the worst.

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But who would like to play on a dead server?

Less contested resources?

You cant balance an economy where some ressources on a world are rare and on other world its abundand.

It would make the economy really poor and not interesting at all.

THe only thing it can resolve is you can buy cheaper if you play on a dead server.

So if you want to play on a dead server and still obtain everything easily and cheap, you should try other games…

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And you don’t see how giving players on such servers an even greater advantage is unfair?

Especially as this would make everything for sale even rarer on the more populated servers.
I hope they’ll never even consider this.

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