MERGE WHEN -25 k player past few months :(

Hi does anyone know if there are any merge on schedule cause every fresh server are just … dying with pop of 200-400 player we lost 25 k player thoses past months due to roadmap imo no love shown to pvp players at all.

Its hard it s rly getting hard too play on thoses server finding an arena is 1 h Q opr is one day every 3 days mutation 10 u can find one or 2 per day if u lucky …

we cant do nothing here :smiley: !

Tbh, the PvP players are about 1/4 to 1/3 of the general population, so the lack of PvP major updates in the roadmap is not the reason.
But having a bunch of dead servers and β€œF it - holidays time” attitude on behalf of AGS contributes to the attrition in a way greater scale.

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