Merged into helio, where the free transfer after merge?

typically when you merge servers you give a transfer in case people dont like the server they are merged onto. where are this this round?

they have never given a free transfer after merging servers.
they have given out free transfer between november 2021 and february 2022 and after that they introduced paied transfer.

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Thank you for sharing your concern related to free server transfer token and I’m sorry about the trouble this has caused you.

For your information, there are no plans to provide any free transfer tokens to any player of New World, you can refer to the complete thread by the community manager in below link:

In order to transfer, you need to purchase server transfer token from the store and then use it. The steps for using the server transfer token are shared in below link:

I’d like to thank @brainmanager for sharing their input related to the query.

Hope this clarifies the situation related to server transfer tokens.

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