Merger preparation question

Based on the information previously we have a downtime for server merger preparation is this meant to read as such or are we being merged on the respective date and time suggested.

We are planning to merge worlds in Central Europe, US-East, US-West, and Australia and will be holding downtime in preparation to support them.

This means its “only” a downtime to prepare the merge? or is it a downtime to merge the servers? Im still not sure about it

Downtime is to prepare the servers for the merge. More downtime will be held later on for the actual merge.

ah ok - i just wanted to verify because its misleading based on the next statement. hopefully @Luxendra can verify this.

Their latest update on this suggests it could actually be the merger? Just badly written in the first place - no word from a @Community-Team

I am curious with what servers connects because only some of them are described

Yeah that is also badly written - I think they should have just done an old fashion excel sheet and shown which are not also. The fact that so many people are confused for something that should have been nipped in the bud quickly is not very professional

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