Mergers offically underwar

Goodluck everyone in ur merge enjoy the downtime!


i can’t seem to find a timeframe for the downtime? 1 hour, 3, 6, a day?

Anyone know how long downtime is?

3hrs unless shit goes nutty afaik

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TY Zlain

wow… it is written right after you tap the expandible thing to show the servers you are interested in.

120* minutes it says


Like most maintenance it’s 3 hours unless otherwise stated

i cant wait to see what fresh hell this brings

It’ll be fine.

hold on to your butts!

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famous last words

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I’ve got a good feeling about this.

Just fyi, it’s listed as a note under each region’s dropdown as Jheon’s said above.


I wonder why Australia needs 1 hour and every other region needs 2 hours :slight_smile:

Excited to be on a populated server soon!

Surprisingly ours stuck pretty much to the three hour window.

Thanks! Going forward, you should make it a little bit more obvious for how long downtimes are.

I struggled trying to find how long the downtime was expected also.

Looked in this post here:

couldn’t find any info, but now after reading your comment was able to find the info.

I had same issue the OP had, couldn’t seem to find how long downtime was supposed to be.

Something like servers going down, should be like a sticked post inside the official news section. Should be super easy to find.

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“Uhhh uh uh. Uhhh uh uh…you didn’t say the magic word!” “Arrrrgh, I hate this hacker crap!” :grinning:

sobe’s referrence to the post cleared this up for me, I was thoroughly confused about where “the dropdown” was, I assumed it was in game.

I hope they don’t mess up the items in the tradepost.

thanks for commenting on my post best CM <3