Merges, Transfers or bust

Now the patch is out of the way how long will we have to wait for obviously needed merges? Arkadia Eta cluster has two servers. Both at peak times at the moment wouldn’t go over 400 population. When can we expect information about merges?


You can move to another server. World transfer tokens are free in the shop.


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I thought people only got the one? Your reply states they are just free in the shop for as many uses as needed?

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that’s not entirely true, many of us who started a char after the recent merge got 0 tokens, we are stuck on dead servers

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There were 2 Token in total, for free.
There won’t be anymore merge and you wana know why ?

Cuz they will make token transfer PAYING.
So if you want to move, you pay.

why should we pay to transfer, when they should merge the servers??? and im not talking about the server who peak at 300/400 pop, but the servers that dont even reach 100, look at the pop of rocabarra.

You ask why seriously ? Maybe to get money ?

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We’ve gotten two tokens so far. I used one several months ago and I have another one available in the shop.

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Ahh thanks for clarifying. But hmm i have only the one and checked my shop :confused: guess i missed the first round. But im afraid of transferring honestly some people already transferred with there tokens to populated servers and bam declined and died.


I have a transfer token. But we merged a few months ago. Had a good population, but now its very low. Would hate to transfer only to have that pop die off. I thought the devs said they aren’t going give anymore transfer token out.

pain :frowning:

I would like an update on this as well. Also, does anyone have any idea when Pluto will be open again for character transfers?

in eu they opend alot of closed servers latly but only for transfer not for character creation. think u got a good chance it opens as soon as its not hurting the server.

if i remember correctly servers closing/opening is mostly automated

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