Merges. Will my character be deleted?

I have a character on Orun as well as a character on Olympus. Will one of my characters be erased when the servers merge or will i keep them both? Thanks!

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FIrst of all thank you for taking the time to reach out to us!

When the servers merge you will have both characters on the same server available for you to play with them.

If you happen to encounter an issue with any of the characters contact live support for our team to check.

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@Affiliate, this then raises another issue that has been reported on another post as an unfair advantage.

when creating a second character, you cannot create it on a server where you already have a character.
this is fair to ensure there are no alts or cheats.
by merging 2 characters from different servers into the same server, a player now has an unfair advantage…

both characters can get daily hidden stashes, do 3x daily faction missions, craft the cooldowns (asmo, etc)… they have an alt to exploit the game.

AGS missed this unfair advantage that is given to such players… i hope that AGS will correct this unfair advantage. either allow everyone to have 2 characters on the same server or no one (i prefer no one as intended).



But how is this fair to players who have put in work on multiple characters. Should we delete someone else’s work and effort. I think it is easy for you to look past this issue because it doesn’t effect you.

no you should not delete. in my opinion, each character should go into a separate server.

deleting no.

moving forced transfer to another server would be the right answer. give them a choice on which one goes and its done.

double gold cap, double cool downs is not ok.

yeah you can just buy peoples cool downs or create another company to hold gold but that is an unfair barrier to other players.

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Hello Adventurers, I want to thank you all so much for taking your time to share your feedback about the Characters and the server merge, I’m going to move this post from game support to the feedback section of the forum. Is very important for the team as this help us to keep improving the game.

I hope you all enjoy the lands of Aeternum!! :man_mage:

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