Merging Auction Houses is a very lazy and unimaginative fix

I get AGS want to try and spread the wealth around the areas of the map i really do and i also agree with it…

however… this will initially destroy the local economies of each town… believe it or not, it is a good thing that the same item have different price points in different areas. That drives trade between areas too btw, helping each town.

i dont have the answer to this but one way would be to have another tier of house in these high level areas that are low in footfall, where the taxes are always set to low by the system but also start out will a selection of 3 trophies. this will encourage people to buy houses there, gaining tax for the area… AGS reduce the cost of running these areas…

but no… some lazy unimaginative person decided to mess with each towns economy…

initially i thought this was a good move but after further thinking… this is how i think now.

probably i am wrong… what are your thoughts?


What local economy? What is this mythical local economy you speak of?

If these actually existed then we wouldn’t have ghost towns with Lvl 2 crafting stations dotting the land.

How about you be honest and just admit that you are really upset because you can’t gouge people by charging overpriced goods anymore.


wait… you assume i overcharge people when i always sell below the AH rates…

perhaps you shouldn’t assume anything…

instead of the attacking nature of your post you could come up with something constructive to the poiint.


i totally welcome this change. here is why:

  • farmer who station in cutlass key or morningdale farming iron/fibers…etc can sell it from their local settlement without spending azoth to go to trading hub to sell.
  • buyers/crafter can stay in their favourite crafting settlement (especially if they need T5. most of the time there isn’t much options). while not having to teleport around. e.g. last night i spent 700 azoth to jump 3 settlements just to buy the ingredients i need
  • settlement like morningdale/cutlass may see increase of trade tax that make it more likely to afford the upkeep

It makes it easier for you. We know

yep i agree with everything you said…

as i said… i am probably wrong and haven’t thought through everything…such as azoth costs for jumping around…

i just feel there has to be a better way…

i mean…initially…let’s face it there isn’t going to be a change at all. everyone has already bought their t4 house in either everfall or windsward… they aren’t going to move… they might be better off because they already have 2 other t1 houses in these remote high areas…

when people have finished questing…unless they have a house in these areas…they will reacall to their t4 house…

i just don’t think it will be as big of a change as people think…

people are creatures of habit!

Why should I? You didn’t show any respect and called the devs lazy and unimaginative. Why the hell should I give you any respect when you clearly don’t respect others in your opening post?

Still waiting for you to point out your mythical, non-existent local economy that you want to defend.


Items are worth more in regions they don’t naturally spawn in. I think that’s what he meant. And he’s right


instead of being constructive you are clearly out to cause an argument… which i will not entertain.

as i have already clearly posted… i could be wrong… what part of that is having a go at the devs. i even asked for people thoughts.

it is my last reply to you… feel free to post as much as you want.


i clearly wasn’t clear enough.

That’s not enough to sustain an actual economy. That’s just gouging players that can’t afford to fast travel to EF/WW.

If local economies actually existed then people would develop those areas. But people don’t. So the “local economy” is nothing more than a joke where there is no local upkeep and factions can’t even afford to pay to upgrade anything.

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Fast travel isn’t the only way to get from A to B. You want to be rewarded for being lazy. No

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I have no reason to be constructive on here with you.

The change is going to happen. The burden of proof is on you to “prove” why the change is not necessary. You wanting to gouge people and overcharge them stuff is not a good enough reason.

So far you have posting nothing that would fix the current state of the game.


That’s why its on PTR(soon live hopefully) also it would encourage governors/consuls/factions to make sure their company/faction members are putting listings up in their towns/cities to help taxes in their territories.

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You want an outdated garbage game that doesn’t have proper mechanics in place to magically work and it won’t.

That’s why the game is changing. Local economies don’t work in NW. If they did then 90% of the game wouldn’t be a ghost town.

The player base has spoken and they are against local economies. That’s why the vast majority sell everything in a few major hubs.

i will wait…

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Thats exactly what I was thinking!

It’s not the most creative fix, but it’s easy to implement and will benefit most players & settlements.

Of course you will have a few price gouging ‘traveling merchants’ coming to the forums and painting a doomsday picture, how it will ruin the whole economy and bring everything down to 0.01g, even void ore. Lol.

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OP is right, it’s a lazy and unimaginative fix.

You’ve got territories like CK that will always lack traffic unless they make it attractive to own that territory.

A global market won’t change that, giving outlier territories attractive bonuses like bonus min GS to certain professions would definitely fix that.

AGS just takes the laziest, ham-fisted approach to simple problems, just like they always do.

there are many more ways to achieve the same goal though.

why couldn’t the tax on a sale go to the areas the player has selected as their main house, no matter where they sell?

the listing town get’s a small fee for listing…listing cost… then the tax on each item sold goes to the town the player has designated their home.

this would give each town (that people wanted to live in …house tax!) money to invest in the towns… this would also strip a huge amount of money from the ‘main’ trading hubs.

still doesn’t solve the azoth cost though… so… still thinking on that lol