Merging empty eu servers into empty eu server?

  • Tanje, Pellucidar, and Kianida will be merging into Nav for Vanaheim Omicron.

only why , thats 370 players on one server when its done . wouldnt it be wiser to move everyone straight ahead to niflheim (1000 players ) or bifrost (1200) players . or spread them around on those 2 servers . icaria gets to move to a populated server , why cant the others ?

we waited for the merge in the hope we get merged into a populated server and instead 3 of the 4 as good as empty servers get to merge into another server that wont even reach 1/4th of what its build for .

so tell me why not merge us all into niflheim or bifrost ?


This just means we will have to migrate again further down the line, we want a place to call home not a halfway house.

Move us to Niflheim, all 4 servers can fit there and it still wont be full.


Yeah im from Nav and we all tought the same… had a look at pop its not gonna be so busy :slight_smile: Btw i will DM you both for some info if thats ok

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its better this way. The new server will have a bit wiggle room just in case people who quit come back. its better to merge servers than separate them.

Same thing with my server. Will be under 500 peak population after merge and who knows how many will transfer and make it even less. Many waited to not transfer because merges are coming. I waited 2 months for a merge and im really disappointed by this. Server will still be dead after merge


They did the same crap in the Waneheim Tau. Even if Amentide merged all of them, they just combined the dead ones while not making a full server. And the Amenti server is also a great candidate to join the soon dead servers.

It was pretty easy to see that they would merge servers that were a part of the same “world set”. It’s why I moved to a high/med populated server from the small server I was on. All the servers in my old world set were all small and none of them had above 180 folks, hence why I used my free server transfer before. The good news is that on prime time i’m sure your new server will have way more players than your old one did.

The people who quit are not coming back, already spoke to 2 companys who left our server and they are deeply into other games now, very few ppl return to MMOs outside of expansions


Yeah the difference is we have 2 of the bigger servers on EU on our cluster, Bifrost and Niflheim, both of which are roughly half full now and prime candidates to be merge hosts

should have transferred to a larger server then in your time zone.

Any Nav discord?

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