MERGING Fresh Start with Legacy? WTF AGS


stop cry and come to us :smiley:
i need more players on dry tree

btw duped 600ilvl items now 625 is max so stfu and get merged :smiley:

that’s why we need it Ability to create poll or downvotes on forum

RTA servers are not fresh start servers. They are twitch event servers made to help drum up publicity for NW. Anyone who joined them should have known that and if they didn’t, that is on the streamer they got their code from or themselves.

I hope AGS goes back to the original plan and merges these twitch servers into legacy.

You might have a point if they hadn’t opened them to the public as Fresh Start servers after that event ended.

This has been debunked time and again the last day or so…you spread misinformation when you clearly do not know what you are talking about. The streamers and everyone else saying these are FSS are correct and you are wrong.

Also FRESH START servers written plain as day right there for you to read, only thing is they open to the general public a bit later on.

Watch your favorite Twitch streamers forge a new legacy into their very own fresh start worlds in Return to Aeternum.

There I made the relevant part easier to see for you.

By every single metric that has any value you are wrong.


If you combined the fresh start servers, they have more players than legacy servers combined, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Or you don’t.

AGS has been very dishonest with the player base. These types of things create tons of distrust. Distrust causes population to decline.

Yeah the screwed up allowing these people to be able to free farm. Once again they failed to think past what happens after 2 weeks.

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dying faster than legacy? Dude, on legacy, my character got merged 4 times in 6 months, and the legacy server was still dead before FSS got launched. The server I play now on FSS has over 800 active players daily…

The reason some FSS have low pop is due to the sheer number of servers they released with the event. There’s no reason to merge FSS into Legacy

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Bump :sunglasses:

FSS are now dupe servers too/

I would probably take my fss character off its fss server to alt on a legacy if i could.

I dont dupe nor do i care about it. It didnt affect me or what i did in the game or feel it gave me an advantage indirectly.

So its kinda whatever.

@Luxendra @Aenwyn we pay to play a MMO, not a “single player” game…

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RTA could have been merged to Lagacy already and the problem solved.

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What does the New Orleans Public Schools have to do with NW?

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Bro, I think you need someone to give you some attention and that person is not me. See ya

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And you need AGS to give you some attention and they aint doing it.


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AGS, DO NOT merge fresh start into legacy. We do not NEED new dupers and tainted servers.

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