Merging world decisions by AGS, Kressa

I want someone from AGS to please give me some understanding as to why they decided to merge 5 very low pops together that will be still low in my world set instead of just moving us all into the largest one to have a healthy population??

There seemed to be poor communication in the first place of where we were all going in the original post on the server merges and now it makes sense as to why.

AGS care to chime in? I am really curious on the decision on why you chose to put together soo many very low and make it barely enough to do anything significant.

People who left are not going to come back to the game to a server pop this low.

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  • Eurytheia, Finias, and Takshasila, will be merging into Diana’s Grove for Vanaheim Zeta.

This new server will “peak” below 400 players. I simply can not fathom who at AGS thought this is the way to go. Its one dumb decision after the other.

You think people were patient on dead servers to get merged into another dead server to wait for another merge? Even if theres another merge why would ANYONE invest any playtime in territory control if it will be wiped again. Massive brainfart on AGS end.


They did it on friday so you wont get an answer until monday.

They always do this for their extra low IQ moves.

Fortunately I can answer this for you.


After merging all servers in Vanaheim Astra there will be also poor. About 500

This is the first round of multiple mergers. You will be merged into a new server monday, and then that server will be merged with another server that had a bunch folded into it.

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Im slated for tuesday morning here, can you give some info to back up that this is the first of merges? and do you think people like us in dead servers for so long are going to be patient again for long? I certainly dont.

looking for the post from dev regarding my server sets issue now and will post it here when i find it

Sais who? …exactly

I feel you, Our server has 75% purple population and they own all but 1 territory(they allow each other faction to own 1 at a time) and the two servers we are being merged with are also purple majority/purple controlled. I think the final peek population will be like 600-800 as well so we were pretty confused.


This is just a specific issue for that world set.

Because the issue was about our world set so thats what they addressed

A lot of players just log in for a short period of time or not login at all if the pop is super low. Maybe it’s about how many unique players log every week and not peak active players?

Some of the merges don’t make sense in my world in EU (lambda) they’re merging all servers into 2, that will result in around 1300 peak for bothz which is great.
BUT there is just one server (mine) that won’t get merged, that peaks around 250 or 300 people).
Weird thing is that other servers with more people ( like 500 or more ) will get merged.
Makes absolutely no sense imo.
Well have 2 servers with 1300 players and a 3rd with 250. :scream:

I am still unsure of what theyre doing, I bet AGS will just let us know after merge or an hour or so before merge happens, yes it will be better than what was, but its not going to be sustainable if we arent moved into a high pop server period.

We release an updated statement here: [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay


im glad you could provide us with a good explanation about the decisions made. It does make sense but its really bad if the active players are being punished in split merges because of all the housing that is stored from players that left the game and haven’t been playing for weeks. Would it not be better to remove houses that haven’t been paid taxes on for X time or something like that?

I cant imagine the housing issue you have encountered would be a problem if the only houses on the servers where from active players

I’m at Saknussemm US West. Thank god we are merging with low pop servers. Not looking forward to not finding any nodes to loot lol.

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