Merging worlds I have characters in

you’ll get 1 lvl 120 char


UP, I also have the same doubt

Equipamentos GS 1250?

Hello @Khurso

Thank you for bringing this important topic about the server merges. It definitely can create some concerns on the players.

This is the offcial information [FAQ] Server Merges . It is stated that even the merge * World X characters will be relocated to World Y - their characters, companies, housing, gold, and owned items should remain intact, but territory ownership and contracts will not persist on the new world.

We will keep monitoring this event and correct any issues if nencessary.

Hope this information helps.
Keep gaming!

@Achieveme @Luxendra @Raftel It does not provide info about the main concern of this topic. We need specific orientation as to how should we proceed in the case of having characters in both servers to be joined together.


Thanks for the reply, though, it did not answer the question.

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“I did not read but post something anyway so it looks like i’m doing my job”

But I’m already happy that there wasn’t a ton of emotes


Sadge … I thought I will get 120 lvl character is not a bad idea anyway, still better then mutation update.

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Because it was an auto reply about server merges.

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IIRC, last time something like this was done, the target server on the merge got the already there char deleted, but maybe I’m all wrong. There’s a sticky here for accidental char deletion that may have some more insight than my frail memory. Good luck to you guys!

do you have a transfer token? if i were you and i had a transfer token, I would try to move one character somewhere that’s not part of the merge. :grimacing:

hopefully a CM responds to the question though….

For everyone wondering…
Now I have both level 60 characters in the same world.

I need a friend to trade between chars. Please let me have a shared depot. Thanks >:D


BUMP this up!

the question is if i have a x character in one world and a y character in another world and both servers are getting merged what will happen
will one of the character gets deleted? or we get to keep them both?
if one gets deleted on what basis??
what if those two world are getting merged on to a another world instead of say world x merging to world y its like x and y and getting absorbed into another world z

It’s literally answered 2 posts above you.

both characters, same world.

So @Achieveme obviously struggles to understand what is going on in the question. Thankfully, another dev has replied and stated both will persist and both will be playable. I’m really glad to see you are here at the forums and hope you can enjoy your time here and at the game as well!


Regarding your request, this is a very specific scenario the one you’re having right now and I’m sorry that you’re being through this, so I was doing the research before being able to answer you.

As per now the official answer that we have from the team in charge is that you will have two playable characters on the same server, more details will be shared with you as soon as they are available through an announcement.

Please stay tune to our social media for more information once is available.

What Happens When 2 Character Accounts Merge Together?

How is having two characters on the same server ok?? unless there is some sort of link/block you can potentially have characters in 2 different factions, there is already enough spies/treachery in this game without that being added…

i hope they lock both to one faction somehow.

This can’t be right. I mean, it may well have happened but it sure as hell isn’t right.

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