Mesh collision failure

ErosJace Dindymon - We were fighting Stanley on the little island and my character lost all mesh collision. if the terrain lifted, I simply went through it indefinitely. If the terrain was lower, I flew over the landscape/ocean. Nothing in game would fix the issue. It persisted through death, respawn, fast travel and all other attempts to correct it. The only thing that corrected it was logging out long enough for my body to de-spawn. If this had happened in a dungeon that required an orb to enter, I would be livid. Fortunately, it happened during routine farming. I do not know exactly how to reproduce this effect. Also this could be an exploit because you can interact with any in the mesh that is on the same plane as you. loot chests without fighting, kill unsuspecting player all from under the mesh without being seen … you get the picture.

You will probably want to address this one asap.


Also, the game kicks you out when you are fishing if you don’t move. This is not really acceptable. You are performing a task which requires no movement, please, correct this.

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