Message to the Devs / 2nd Server transfer

Group of 4 friends started on Hyperborea(english server) turned out its full of russians.
1st wave of token happened 2 friends could transfer 2 couldn’t cause of bugged trading post.
2 of us transferred to Rocabarra(en server) turned out full of russians again.
Devs fixed the tp issue so my other 2 friends could transfer to a normal english server finally.
Me and my friend stuck on the russian server and my friend talked with a staff member on live chat about the problem and he got a 2nd server transfer for free.
ONLY he got this,i talked with more than 3 staff member,all of them told me its not possible.
My question is how is that possible that only 1 player can get a 2nd token.We paid the same amount of money and have the same problem…

Nvm i stuck here alone.
I got 215hours ingame and a total of 170hours playing ALONE without friends.Its boring as hell and i cant do anything about it.Every staff member tells me that transfers coming soon be patient…ye im waiting for 2 weeks nothing happened and saw a dev post yesterday about the estimated time they can solve the issue is before new years eve.Its 1.5 months more wait time again.

This is not enough.Its a serious issue.
I know more than 30 people only on my server who got similar problems with transfers.
If on every server there are a few people(10-50+) with this problem and worldwide there are 500 servers that means appr. 10.000-20.000 people got similar issuses.
If the devs dont solve this issue ASAP that means they dont care that much about us.

I know that more and more people leaving the game.
My server peaked 1300-1400 1.5 week ago.
After that it reached 2000 + 370 queue and right now there is no queue on a friday and saturday evening.That means everyday more and more people start playing other games or just simply left the game.

I’m planning the same.If i would play until NYE i would have around a total of 350-400 hours in game and 320-370 hours playing alone.


My friend got a 2nd transfer too. If you didn’t its kinda unfair. I guess you already tried submitting a ticket and got the answer to wait. I dont understand if they already could give out server transfers why they can’t help you out with this.
Also similar issue: Will there be another Transfer Token Wave or can I transfer back?

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Wow some people haven’t had one and you managed to get two…

Merge is coming.

They fixed the “We hate queue times! Moar servers!!” problem because they cared about the players and now they need to fix the “Too many servers! Moar transfers!” problem and if they dont they dont care. No wonder AGS is dragging their feet about doing anything. I dont blame them one bit. They are damned if they do, damned if they dont with this player base.

I dont talked about the queue time,
370 queue is like 30 minutes wait i dont care about that.
Also i think they failed about servers,no upper limit.
If a server got 2000 people + 300-400 queue in peak time that means that there are atleast 2500-3000 character on 1 server where can only play 2000 at the same time…

I transferred to the largest US West server (El Dorado) And i found that there was an overwhelming amount of chinese everywhere. I understand your pain. We need region locks so badly, it’s unacceptable to be playing the intended region and feel like a stranger on your own server. Even worse is the soy boys screaming racist because you don’t wanna be a minority on your own server.

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Yea i get it.Both of these servers were EN servers.
Atleast 80% of the population are russians.
When english speaking people transferred here,russians started arguing with them about talking in english on a russian server… :smiley:

sorry… but you are simply spoiled buddy… nothing prevents you from starting a fresh character which was once upon a time what gamers did yet after larger mmo’s came and first offered paid transfers and next from large to low pop servs for free to reduce load.

now we have arrived at where you get a freebie and once you waste that you start complaining for more… no wonder devs often dont wanna read this stuff… at least be fair and say you would like paid transfers available…

also keep in mind this aint subscription based but purely expansions and cosmetics yet you expect more from them than people expect from blizzard…

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I dont care what you are talking about or not talking about. You’re just here to complain. And since you missed the main point, i’ll state it again: “They are damned if they do, damned if they dont with this player base.

Yes just throw hundreds of hours away in a dying game to start fresh lmao stop trolling.

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I would be the first one to buy it but i cant even do that :slight_smile:

They already have some statements about the second wave of transfers. The first wave was a mess.

You are just here to argue with someone who has problem with the game.

I checked a few topics.Ton of people arguing about every little bug the game has.I dont care about bugs,gold duplicate bots and everything i just hope they can fix them.People already left the game after few weeks because all of these problems.
Im here because its already 2 weeks since this happened and they said its gonna be 1.5 month so its 2 months in total,its a lot.

Your first post was irrelevant to the topic.
Your 2nd post was even moar(:slight_smile: ) irrelevant.No one asked you to come here and write a post.You dont even care about it so why do you even talk here.
First you should read the post(if you are capable of reading) and then think of something useful to say.If you have nothing dont post it.Then you can also check google how people say moar in english.

Dont even bother me with a 3rd post because all of your sentences are painful and a waste of time.

And just think… When servers merge, the lucky ones that didn’t have to deal with all of the bots and such will not only have to deal with them then but they’ll have to deal with all of the extra loot that these bots will now be flooding their experience with.

Mergers not only merge people, but all the crap that they bring with them.

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Are you kidding me? almost 2 months to wait on a server transfer?

Some of us are now stuck on a DEAD server and cant play with friends still. Really need to push that within the next few weeks. Even if its PAID or FREE we need transfers.


the one trolling is the person insisting on playing a game he proclaims is dying…
i do however respect those who are interrested in buying the 2nd but accept the 2nd for free if given rather than demand :slight_smile:

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As you are.

Ever heard of reading between the lines? I thought not.

So glad to know I bother you. I can live in your head for free now.

Please follow your own advice.

May I see your engraved invitation to post? Or do you just want to suppress ideas you dont like?

any update?

Maybe they didnt even read it.I guess they have more important things to do like weapong bugs,glitches etc.Lets hope the best.

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