Message to the DEVS - More open world pvp/pve

While expeditions are a nice thing i believe we need more open world content. There is no incentive for a 60 level player playing more than 3 months atm to go do pve and pvp in the open world.

The game is lacking really hard that type of content. Please DEVS put your resources in creating dynamic events, random loot chests with increased materials, more fun ways of declaring war. Like mini events to defend something. Dunno, use your imagination.

I know DEVS have already their roadmap, but unfortunately you guys failed at number retention. If you want to win you need to deploy some resources at creating some new stuff for open world, and for level 60 players, not level 30.

We all love this game and want to succeed, im sure there is like 1000 posts like this. But i dont have the confidence that this roadmap will take.

Make a poll or something just to see what players want.

Please be humble acept what it is, for the sake of New World.

LMAO they didn’t fail. You do realize it is up to the community to have more open world pvp right? Don’t blame AGS because most people don’t want to. Also, wth is open world pve? That makes 0 sense. What do you think leveling is? What do you think all the chest runs are? Expeditions aren’t “open world pve”.

As for incentives, they have given enough to flag for pvp. But as you can see, a lot of people prefer pve over pvp in mmos. Hence why AGS made a lot more pve additions before launch. What incentives do you suggest to encourage people to flag for pvp? Give them gypsum orbs for flagging for 1hr?

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