Messing with Hemp Bots

Chances are you didn’t see my “Journey with a Fish Bot” but I enjoy…helping…our server bots by giving them a lovely camp to protect them from the Dangers they face.

This little guy proved to be a bit more rowdy then the fish bot’s I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

I followed him around for awhile watching him go from Hemp to Hemp. Even if the plants were no longer there. Its as if he had a 6th sense for where and how to find them.

It took some time but I finally found out all he wanted was a camp to run at to give him a new lease on life and protect him from the evil evil Hemp Plants.

As I said he is much more rowdy then the fish bots and even though it appears he was running straight into the tent he would eventually decided to jump and run around to the other side.

Its that sneaky 6th sense kicking in. Its as if he knows I placed my camp right ontop of a large hemp spawn. I’m not sure if he trying to save the plant or just not sure if he can trust the camp because of its placement.

But for the past 10-15 minutes as I wrote this I have been keeping a eye on him doing continuous checks of the tent. If nothing else he now has a new goal of checking on this tent and no longer running around in the dangerous wilds. Stay safe little buddy!

EDIT - Just as I went back to check on our friend someone else was keeping eye on them. I told them they needed shelter and they gave our friend here the best they can. New bed and fire to protect them from the wilds!


Did this stop him from getting the hemp? If so…great job…


So far yes. He has been stuck going back and forth on the tent for at least the past 30 mins. I’m assuming the camp is placed just right where the program can’t reach its next “Location” or what ever.


Damn cool…keep it up get those bots…


I’ve had run ins with mining bots, but I did not big brain tent block. Will try this next time I see one!

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Good luck my friend! Just give them some protection so they no longer have to run around in the dangerous wilds! =P

Decided to check up on our friend again. Appears he is making his camp larger! :smiley:

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Well you’re the problem!

It’s people like you building them small towns all over Aternum that is allowing them to flourish. Happy as Larry’s sitting in a hemp field of all places.
I know I’d not be going anywhere either.

Maybe think before acting next time.


Maybe he’s using the Overwolf Minimap :sweat_smile:.

(Definitely a bot…)


Drazil a.k.a The Bot Hunter back at it again.

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4 friends should make a box around him lol so he has no way out

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Its a level 21 bot. I have been playing on one account that solely gathers iron and hemp, and have previously played a character that would gather hemp 24/7 (got 200 gathering on that one eventually).

Do you know what level i was when i got 200? 25. This guy is level 21. It means that this bot has been around for very, very long.

Why tf isn’t he banned yet? AGS?

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Its simple they dont care!


We demand bans for scripted gathering bots!

I want a “Dog the Bounty Hunter” style theme song now =P

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Would you rather them running all over the place?
Alittle compassion goes a long way!
I made sure they stay safe in 1 spot. Not interacting with anything other then themselves! :smiley:

I did think, did you!!! HMMMMMMM???


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LOL! I’ll be doing this when i see another Hemp bot during my runs. Hahaha


That could have been myself while I watch Netflix on 2 screen…
It’s a long time since I played a game with running Netflix next to game… Maybe I should take a hint. :joy::joy::joy:

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More of this please.


Here is picture of comfy camp for our domestic Hellheim bots :slight_smile: