Messing with Hemp Bots

HAHAHA YES! I love it and thank you! :smiley:

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I was finally able to catch one myself!

This one is level 36, regularly drinking what I assume are proficiency boosters. Reported it… hopefully AGS does better here.

Bot Name: Madgea
Server: Ohonoo


Sandbox mmo at its best

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I’m so happy to see so many bots getting the shelter they need! :smiley:


It’s great to see the love for bots, may all bots have a safe and warm place to sleep, they must be exhausted from endlessly running loops.


Aww, it was so kind of you to provide shelter for that poor little exhausted bot. I hope all bots meet generous adventurers like you that care enough to take a moment from their day and provide them a safe place to relax.


Exactly! Its up to us to help stop them from running all those loops. For just a simple donation of 5 green wood and 1 flint you can help stop a bots struggle today!

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