META Prediction: Mages and Bruisers about to be on top

We have come full circle. Mages and Bruisers are about to get the big buff.
They will be OP just like the first several months of the game.

What do you guys think will be next meta?


When have Bruisers ever not been on top?


im talking the more traditional bruiser. GA/WH type. Purebred if you will.

Idk what is next but when celestial healer glove will drop I’m sure we will see a lot of immortal healers again

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Me as well. GA/WH has always been meta and alway will be. Slash Amulet will always be meta. The only reason Mages might seem strong on release is because many people run 5% or less elemental resistance as they usually curve more to the Physical Resistances.

If people start including more Elemental Resistances all of a sudden the will start taking more damage from Bruisers/Assasssin and Bow/Muskets.

The biggest thing a Mage buff will do is actually bring weapons more inline, and when people start balancing resistances the real outliers will be seen.


regardless of the reason, mages were so dominant for such a long time.

Now they are few and far between.

I don’t think it has to be that way. They just need to change things so range isn’t going +30 kills and 0 deaths. Just make changes to increase their deaths.

If you read devs article thei say thei will nwrf same mele wepons

Take this with a pinch of salt, but from the rumors I have hear the new weapon will not pair well with lifestaff it will be a more supportive weapon with a little heals and much more buffs, focussed on creating pylons on battlefield and controlling around them (Kinda like GW2 Scrouge). It will probably take the AoE Healer or VG/IG slot it wars, but wont’ replace LS.

whatever it is, its going to destroy balance way more than daggers would on release :rofl:

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So dps will use it for sustain and buffs and cleanse then probably

I think we long past the stage of DPS using ulitity secondaries for buffs. Buff dnt carry over weapon swap anymore and Runeglass makes using 2 DPS weapon more viable.

We dnt see GA/VG or GA/IG anymore. DPS always use 2 Offensive weapons, or in case of Bow/Musket Offense+escape weapon.

Tank meta next.


Well if it places pylons on the ground it might

From what I gather it is like Scourge from GW2 in that the pylon is use to launch skills around it, but yeah maybe it does more. Pylon could even disappear on weapon swap.

I still disagree that DPS would use any support secondaries. IG creates Pylon and Cleanses and no Bruiser or melee DPS uses it. You are throwing away too much equity these days, and Heartune fill those support role better e.g. Many DPS use Stoneform.

True. I just know that every single weapon AGS released so far has been absurdly overpowered

I would rather have a weapon op on release then tuned down than have it weak that no one cares ad try to bring it up
And as u know AGS dosent have a middle ground where it’s balanced from start


AGS does this purposely. Its not a bad thing at all but sometimes they go way too overboard :rofl:

It kinda is intentional
Brings the hype everyone starts using it everyone starts crafting it
Many bis crafts and then a nerf hammer comes and strikes it multiple times
Most go back to their main weapon some stick to the new ones

Except void gauntlet of course, because… mage