META Prediction: Mages and Bruisers about to be on top

How the fuck can people tell that mages will be on top simply by this:

it clearly says that the focus is initially directed towards magical weapons in PvE. Which has been an issue since mutations came out. ofc unga bunga melees never paid attention to it. Are you predicting meta in m10 now or what?

stop with the copes pls


Mages will more than likely never be meta in mutations unless they add AoE splash to mage light/heavy attacks.

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It clearly also says “and some PVP scenarios” right there in the same sentence. Nobody trusts AGS to no go completely overboard when they nerf or buff anything(based on past experiences), that’s why you are seeing people worry like this.

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People have started many threads around that news/quote and ALL of them spin the words to push what they want…not what the words really mean. Or maybe they are just really good at reading between the lines (I’m joking). They get called out in every thread, but never respond to how they got what they are saying from what was said. They are just hoping for stupid people to believe their take and start spreading misinformation…or they have sheds of “BiS” mage gear that they are trying to move…so, they hype mage “buff” or “meta”.

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The Void Gauntlet is the Celestial Gauntlet they are the exact same thing the devs just renamed it to Void

i mean sure but that doesnt tell you anything. “and some pvp scenarios” could be just the increased mana cost to flamethrower they mentioned before. Like people are going crazy and panic when they have no information on what is changing. Firestaff highly needs something done in PVE. It also needs something in pvp as seen in like 100+ firestaff discussion threads. AGS responded. now let them work and review AFTER you see what changes will come

They shouldn’t touch bows as it’s in a good spot right now with the nerfed hitbox(coming from a mage). The only thing they should nerf about FS is flamethrower, nerf Ice pylon for IG. Braindead skills should not be this OP. Fix the countless riposte bugs for rapier. A slight nerf to sacred ground. Rework defy death for hatchet entirely. Remove the root from relentless rush.

FT is not OP. This is low dmg skill. You are just very bad if u have problem with FT.
Nothing in FS should be nerfed. Many should be buffed.

And bow is not OK. This should be nerfed.

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Having a problem with Bows is a L2P issue, especially as a mage.

I thought people went bow because they couldn’t mage. Lol.

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I see burnout and charge being the next ability to be cried about cause they will allow people to escape death. Even though they have been in the game for 15 months, they will now suddenly be too strong cause more people will use them.


U can have 40% thrust dmg reduction and bow still hit for 3-4k in light armor.
Put 40% fire dmg reduction and mage will hit u 1,5-2k from fireball and max 1,5k from heavy attack in light armor.

What should be nerfed then ?

If they’re hitting you for 3-4k in 40% thrust reduction that means they are really squishy and are on like 50-100 con. Just git gud and Iframe their attacks and do dmg. Like I said, simply a skill issue.

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They never left baby! Lol.

Nah burnout will always be too easy to interrrupt/punish unless thats in the FS buffs. Charge on the other hand does go almost as far, activate instantly and have grit haha. Can be so balls deep in the shit then charge out NP.

Eh, I don’t really have a problem with charge since it can be body blocked.

Edit: Leaping strike is by far the best gap closer in the game, no contest.

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burnout has saved my life on countless occasions when I probably should have died. Just like deft death, it gets you out of tough spots but not all the time.

aint no one gonna use firestaff as an escape weapon like cmon stay real :joy:

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If it’s the next best option after riposte, now defy deth, I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

rapier even after the nerf provides better escape then what the fs could do

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