Meteor Shower broken?

100%. Worked like this for nearly a year, let’s not reinvent the wheel on this crap just because the perks are halfway desirable now.

you saying this 100% means you have no idea whats going on in the clip and why he’s using meteor shower

I do know why he’s using meteor, it’s to empower cap himself, but his damage is still not good because he’s literally missing all of his flame throwers instead of using heavies on people who are out of range of FT which is wasting the empower. A Heavy+Fireball+Pillar burst combo can rip apart a clump. A fully empowered fireball is less effective. FS is already going to give you around 35-40% empower up time with keenly empowered. I honestly don’t think this tech is anything relevant.

I mean are we looking at the same thing? Dude flamethrowers a healer for 750 damage with x10 empower up. Mine hit for 1200-1400 without meteor tech. He has light users standing next to him he could be griefing but instead he’s spamming the point into people with full fortifies up. This is why people make fun of fire mages. There are way more useful things he could be doing. This clip is literal stat padding, he killed no one. This is not a threat.

The bigger part of the problem is that after you swap, the burn tics from the meteor shower still stack empower.

@Xyshina notice how the stacks still go up when he swaps to the IG.

Idk, I dont use FS.
But I guess GZ to your insane amount of Flamethrower Damage - Giga Chad Hold LMB gamer!
I bet youre the best Fire Mage NA.

A friend of mine tested it with Meteor and hes basically slapping everyone right now :slight_smile:
(obvsly he doesnt use Flamethrower cause we on EU and EU>NA)

I mean, you are insulting me for no reason. Flamethrower is part of the kit, its not the only piece, just like any weapon. Sure, if you are LMBing all day you are failing, that’s true for any weapon setup.

My point was, it’s not that scary. I do agree it needs a hotfix, but its not as insane as people are making it out to be.

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Only issue I see here is the Empower from Meteor Shower refreshes from the “Watch it Burn” burning debuff. This is the same bug that was making Pillar of Fire’s cooldown near zero in certain settings. I still think perks that produce buffs ought to remain as they have been since Launch where they persist after weapon swap.

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easy fix if they remove that

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absolutely. I think the buff should persist, but it should be a bonus to FIRE damage, not other damage values, that way it doesn’t give huge ice storms. That way you can swap to storm then swap back to FS and not lose the stacks.

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That would be pretty interesting. The Fortifying Whirlwind tooltip is supposed to increase slash damage, so that could be a neat middle ground there.

would also allow it to still pair well with a BB mortar / grenade build. I picture an “artillery” mage. Fireball/Meteor/Pillar and Mortar/Grenade/Net Shot

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Remove sacred ground also on weapon swap also

Literally the only time during the game where meteor shower has a use and they’re going to nerf it again within days. Sacred, Oblivion, Ice Storm, Ice Shower, etc should all disappear when changing weapons if they don’t want any actual interactions. Fix the burn giving empower and leave the empower in or better yet, make it increase fire damage. Getting rid of it is literally just getting rid of meteor shower as a skill again.

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Ok sry for being mean.

Its not fixed btw :partying_face: